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Explore the best attractions in Hpa-an, including Saddan Cave, Kyauk Kalap, Kawgun Cave & Yathaypyan Cave. Hpa-An sightseeing guide. Skip to Never Travel Without Travel Insurance! - You should always take out travel insurance when travelling.

The most important things you shouldn't miss are

Travelling through Myanmar, the small, tranquil city of Hpa-An is often missed. Off the beaten track of the backpackers to places like Bagan, Mandalay and Yangon, this lovely and tranquil city is set in paddy paddies. Hpa An, known as the former Kayin state capitol, is about 6 hrs away from Yangon.

Coming from Thailand overland, this is a fantastic first stop as it is only 3-5 hours from the Maesot-Myawaddy border. Set in chalky hills and caverns, if you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the unbelievable Myanmar lifestyle and civilization, here you will find the best things you can do in Hpa An.

Just like discovering the temple of Bagan, one of the best ways to discover the city of Hpa-An is by bike. Visit some of the world' s best sights while cycling through nearby towns and cloisters. The hike to the Zwe Ka Bin lasts 2-3 hrs according to your physical condition and leads you through a Buddha wood with an extensive vantage point over Myanmar.

Some naughty apes are on their way to make the vantage point more interesting - just keep in mind to keep all your things with you at all hours as these apes can pick up loosely placed objects like glasses if you get too close. When you are like me who likes to enjoy the excitement of living locally in every place we go, the Hpa-An Morgenmarkt is the place to be.

You can watch calmly or even take polite shots of the natives who sell outdoor produce, meats, fishes, and locally made memorabilia like beautiful Karen textiles. Tomorrow's markets are situated in the centre of Hpa-An and although not very large, there is plenty of opportunity to see a lot of indigenous living and culture.

Important: Wherever you go, it is always important to respect the cultural environment. When you are in a city where English is not so widespread, you can very readily attract their interest as you show them your cameras while you smile! Take a look at our Myanmar packing list to make sure you don't miss anything you bring.

When you want to take a short rest from the town, we suggest you visit Kan Thar Yar Lago. You can also find snack stands in the south of the lakes where you can eat some good meals and drink inexpensive beers! Take the opportunity to talk to the natives and ask question is one of our best trips to Myanmar, because even if your English is not so good, you will still find such stunning characters that will make your journey even more interesting.

The Sadaar Caves are one of the area' s main attractions and are easy to reach if you walk for about 20mins. This whole adventure is really quite unanticipated and worthwhile during your stay in Hpa-An. The Kaw Ka Thaung Cave - this place has a nature bath and is very recommendable!

The Kyauk Kalat Pagoda reminds me of some of the uncommon sights in Thailand and is a landmark that is well worth a visit, if not for an hours or so. Surrounded by the shimmering mountain Zwegabin, this wonderful stone statue is situated on a small island on a calcareous cliff in the middle of a wonderful sea.

From Hpa-an Kyauk Kalat is easy to reach by motorcycle and is definitely a good place for a full days excursion. Whilst there are certainly a number of things to do within Hpa-An, there are a few longer daily excursions that are worthwhile while while you are there. There are two places that I don't want to miss and that are easy to reach from Hpa-An are Mawlamyine and Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, also known as the Golden Rock.

The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is a little further away, but lies half way between Yangon and Hpa-An, but can still reach us quite easy by coach. Golden Rock is one of Myanmar's most famous landmarks and a well known place of Buddha pilgrimage. On the other side of the road, Hpa-An is about an hours and a half away from the town of Murlamyine.

Hopefully this has given you a lot of inspiration for things you can do in Hpa-An. Although Hpa-An is a little out of the way, in our view it is definitely a good idea to spend a few relaxing hours here to explore.

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