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Old ruins, historical sites. Explore the best attractions in Bagan, including Ananda Pahto, Dhammayangyi Pahto, Shwezigon Paya. With the electric bike to the temples and pagodas. Take a free tour of the archaeological ruins. Visit a paint shop.

Activities in Bagan

It was once that Bagan was under besiegement of progress. More than 10,000 churches, monasteries and palaces were constructed in the town between the eleventh and thirteenth century. Today there are still about 2,000 of them, all squeezed into an area of 13 by 8 kilometers, which has become the archaeological zone of Bagan.

So you can say for sure that you will see some Buddhist monasteries in Bagan - whether you like it or not. This is Ostello Bello, Bagan. Please click here for current pricing. Please click here for current pricing. Luxury: Bagan Lodge. Please click here for current pricing. Don't overshuffle your heads, but I'm not a dawn gal.

My experiences in Bagan - towing me between the sheet before 5am - were as hurtful as ever. Sitting on one of Bagan's calmer sanctuaries, I saw a sphere of brilliant flames shimmering over the sky. The dawn in Bagan is violent and impressive, and for a few seconds it began my breath; every piece of my physical being, all of a sudden lively.

Out of all the things you can do in Bagan, dawn should be at the top of the world. They have an almost binarybinary option when it comes to choosing a sanctuary to see the sun rise in Bagan - best prospects, but many visitors or a fistful of them, but with less impressing outlooks.

Having had more than one left eye in my face at Angkor Wat, I decided on the latter, which led to the image above: a nice, unobstructed look at the dawn in the tranquillity (there were about 10 persons with me in the temple). As you can see in the photo, I didn't have the same panoramic views of churches as elsewhere.

Though I was not visiting at dawn, the second image above gives an impression of the offered panorama and why this place is so beloved at dawn. Ask your tour leader for his advice - the natives know these places inside out, so tell them what you are looking for (panoramas of tranquillity or something in between).

In case you don't have a good first try, you can try again the next day (provided you stay longer than one overnight in Bagan). Those arriving by midnight coach should use the first day to see the sun rise. Please try to schedule this before coming to Bagan so that you have a driver/guide available when you get there.

While you can always bargain with the riders at the coach terminal, make sure you know where you want to go and how much you should be paying when you book a trip through your accommodations. They had an e-bike daytrip for current visitors and those who had just come by coach.

You should understand the differences between a pagoda, mock-up and sanctuary before exploring Bagan. The pagoda is a pagoda which can be entered and which usually has four entries and which are situated in the northern, southern, eastern and western areas with a Buddha at each entry. The unpleasant curve on the sands of the Virgin Islands, which caused the ACL to break, is one of them; no hot-air ballooning in Bagan is another.

Watching the sunrises rising above the temple at dawn is a magic sensation - it's by far one of the best things you can do in Bagan - but after talking to those who have seen the sunrises in a warm aeroplane, it seems to fall into the "best things I've done in my life" class, not just the best you can do in Bagan.

If you are looking for a great way to find out more about the different types of ballooning that are available in Bagan, here is a list of all the different types of ballooning that are available. There are several manufacturers of them. In case the meteorological condition is not right, your flight may be canceled, so please reserve it at the beginning of your journey so that you have enough spare minute to rebook the flight in case it is canceled.

You can find my 10 experience that everyone should have once in a life time here. As for which are the most important and bigger ones, of course, you will want to see them, but I would also suggest that you explore some of the smaller, less frequently frequented ones, where there will not be so many visitors (this is possible in a town with over 2,000 temples).

There are several ways to see Bagan. "You can be reached on foot everywhere if you have time," they say, but the consent of all those I have talked to who have tried to discover Bagan's holdfasts on foot or by bicycle is: not. In Bagan, Urban Adventures is offering a Beyond Bagan Bicycle Tours to take you out of the town to discover a small town, a 150 year old wood cloister, a gold cavern and a small community outing.

For more information and pricing click here. One of the most inexpensive and one of the most favoured ways to find your way around Bagan is the e-bike. Whilst it is possible to discover on your own, I would suggest an e-bike trip, as you have the advantage of following a leader to the best places.

Guests can enjoy e-bike trips with Ostello Bello. Valuations and pricing can be viewed here. With $35 for the night, it's a good deal more than an electric bicycle, but I would strongly suggest it. I have found since my return from Bagan that it is possible to pre-book a rider on Get Your Guides, and in some cases the rates are lower than when making a reservation in Bagan.

For the complete Bagan tour schedule, see Get Your Guides here. You will be asked for a visitor's tax....ahem....`entrance fee' for Bagan - this charge will be invoiced to all foreign visitors and is not to be avoided. What was most notable in Bagan was the period I spend with a group of young kids, the hand-painted cards they tried to sale.

Sitting down, pulling out a notepad, and instead of spending money on her'original Picasso' paintings, I was spending my free moment with them. Each of them received a hand-drawn present from the "strange lady", when I returned to the vehicle and my chauffeur, I had a group of supporters beckoning me bye-bye.

Otherwise, Urban Adventures offers two trips that provide a great exploration of the area. Find on Tap - let a native give you her inside hints for Bagan. Included in this excursion is a ride on the Ayeyarwady River and a cup of coffee with some of the people. For more information and pricing click here.

Visit a non-Bagan countryside municipality and find out how they work with ActionAid to use sustainable agriculture to build sustainable communities and enhance their livelihood. For more information and pricing click here. There is hardly a more colorful and lively place than a typical Bagan town. The one I went to was no different.

There I was the only visitor, much to the joy of the native women - one of them took my hand and treats me with the topical Tanakha past. If you are exhausted from a temple, this is one of the best things you can do.

Nyuang U is the place where the souvenir is sold. I got my rider to take me to end the days with the warriors. You can also just drop by on your e-bike. But you were alerted and I'm not sure it should even be on a best things in Bagan.

The high point was the payment of the bill and the knowledge that the dinner was over, so I won't be recommending it. There were also some of the best prizes in Myanmar, let alone Bagan. And if the locals are not for you, don't be worried - there are many possibilities for eating internationally.

However, if that's you, what you can buy in Bagan is varnished goods. In addition to the sightseeing, a visit to Mount Popa is certainly one of the best things to do in Bagan. Take a cab to Mount Popa or, if you like, a guided trip with dinner.

You can find out more about Tripadvisor, ratings and rates here. Again, I chose the less congested event, but the view was not so spectacular - see picture above. Find out more about the best sunrises and sunsets here. It is possible to take a cab or e-bike to the riverbank and take a canoe.

Otherwise Urban Adventures offer a Bagan by Boat Sunset Cruise. For more information and pricing click here. It' s simple to catch fire in Bagan - the town is so full of activity and things that most folks tend to overlook building in some outages. But before you get there, make up your mind and concentrate on the things you really don't want to miss in Bagan.

Then for the remainder of the day, just lean back and relax. When you' re following me on Facebook, I occasionally post them to my reader. If you want to beat a fare sticker on them for reasons of comfort, you could say that Old Bagan is best for the budgets, New Bagan is mid-range and Nyaung U has more luxurious deals.

There is Ostello Bello in New Bagan. Please click here for current pricing and ratings. Situated in Old Bagan, this resort is winning for its position and there is also a Tourdesk if you need help in organising your sight-seeing tours in Bagan. Please click here for current pricing. Following a sunny and stuffy visit you will be welcomed to a swimming Pool - and Bagan Lodge has two of them, along with a spas and a shady patio from your room.

You want an haven in Bagan, this is the place. The Bagan Lodge is in New Bagan. Please click here for current pricing.

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