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Thanta is ticking a lot of boxes for families. So, where do you start, anyway? Cascading individuality and subtlety, each visitor is pampered with a personal journey full of surprises. I plan the holiday for a family of four, all adults and all very active. The favourite beaches of Telegraph Travel in Thailand, where mass tourism has not spoiled the meaning of paradise.

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Eleven memorable places in Thailand

In Southeast Asia Thailand is still one of the most visited tourist attractions, and for good reasons! It is one of the most attractive and welcoming places in the area and is definitely rewarding the long flights there. If you have a few day, week or even month to discover Thailand, you will no doubt come home with a wider vision of the whole country.

Some of the most memorable travel locations in Thailand you should see when you plan your itinerary. Thailand is such a favourite tourist spot that some of the most famous shores can be overcrowded in the high seasons. It is a tranquil seaside area and south coast city offering beautiful view and sundowns.

Simply take a chocolate shakes or cocktails to lean back, unwind and enjoy the happiness of a holiday in Thailand. It is Thailand' biggest town and the capitol, so it is the most natural place to start your first visit to the state. It is a great place to get to know Thai civilization by going to the temple, going to the swimming market and tasting the Thai food.

When you are looking for less tourist areas in Bangkok, you should stay in the relaxed Ari neighbourhood or take a bike ride to find out more about the secret parts of the town that many travellers miss. Chiang Mai, known as the "Rose of the North", is the biggest town in northern Thailand and a favourite starting point for visits to the region's buddhistic monasteries.

It is also a great place for nature lovers, as there are many walking paths to explore. To buy clothing, eating on the streets, silks, shoes and accessoires, go to the city's nightspot. Approximately half an hours from the town centre is Tiger Kingdom, where you can meet Tiger people up- close and in-person.

Thailand is the second biggest of the islands and although Ko Chang is becoming more and more popular with the tourist, it is still an accessible and tranquil area. Enjoy your stay in Ko Chang Marine Park and discover the woodland and mountains on walking.

It is one of the best diving sites in Thailand as there are many unspoilt and not overfished areas around the reef. Backpackers are located on Lonely Beach, which is a good partying and mixing venue, and the Treehouse Guesthouse in Hat Yao, which is quieter and more relaxed.

It can be reached by boat, but each boat can only carry a certain number of passengers at a time. There is a close population to help the islands maintain its tranquil and peace. An often ignored town in Thailand that is unbelievably enchanting is Nong Kai.

Located in the north of Isaan, it has a good travel history. When possible, schedule your trip to Nong Kai for one of the city's thrilling celebrations, such as the Rocket Festival, the Rowing Festival and the Thai New Year. The Phu Phra Bat Historical Park has some amazing cliffs that are well deserved a stop, and Wat Khaek and Wat Pho are also beautiful temple.

Drive to the secluded city of Soppong in northern Thailand to find your way around in the open air during your itinerary. It is a great place to discover caverns by taking a cruise and seeing shallow subterranean waters. Or you can go down the Lang River by sea and this small city will be busy on Tuesday morning when the fair comes to the city.

If you want to keep the open air adventures going, you should go to Stationay, a favourite climber town. Although you may not think you would ever use a sunshade, it is still definitely a good idea to come and find out more about this intriguing handicraft and its production. Ayutthaya dates back to 1300 and this is a great place for anyone interested in the Thai story.

You can visit intact and almost ruined churches, forts and cloisters. Ensure that you see the temple and also the 39 foot long Buddha statue. Kanchanaburi is another must for lovers of Thai culture, where the "death train" was constructed during the Second World-War by Japanese inmates.

Stroll the Memorial Walking Trail and explore the Thai-Burma Railway to find out more about its past. In this area you should go to Srinakarind National Park and Erawan National Park to see the elephants' camp between the wonderful caverns and creeks.

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