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When you arrive in Myanmar, you may be surprised to find delicious food and good hotels in many places. A trip to Myanmar is a visit to traditional Asia. Travelling to Myanmar | Backpacking in Myanmar Pretty sanctuaries, unmistakable natural surroundings, elegantly furnished accommodation and gentle and hospitable locals will welcome you as you set out on your travels and adventures in Myanmar. Burma is located in southeast Asia and borders Thailand, China, Laos, India and Bangladesh. Burma has a long and scenic coast, mountains and luxuriant meadows.

Most Myanmar cuisine is based on raw rices, but they also consume pasta and sausages. Shrimps, seafood, pig meat or lamb often accompany the cuisine. Mohinga' is regarded by some as Myanmar's nationwide cuisine. Burma is a former UK settlement and became independent in 1947. Aung San Suu Kyi won the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize after an resounding win in the country's general election.

However, it was not recognised by the army and Aung San Suu Kyi was placed under home detention. Aung San Suu Kyi has been a member of the Burmese parliament since May 2012. The weather in Myanmar is warm and moist with an avarage seasonal temperatures of over 30°C. The weather in Myanmar is very warm and wet.

Myanmar's best visiting period is the drought, which begins in October and continues until the end of February. Immediately after the rainy October period, the country's paddy paddies are luxuriant and look like carpet. Even in the smaller cities there are still cash machines, so you don't have to have your entire travelling money in hard copy.

However, pay attention to the additional ticket charges. There is a variation in the map fee logics from place to place and in some places you may pay more for the fee than for the bill itself.

Traveling responsibly in Myanmar (Burma)

Despite far-reaching reform by the Myanmar authorities, Myanmar still has major challenges to face. Travelling for expatriates is generally very secure, with one of the low criminality levels in Southeast Asia. The Myanmar section gives you a brief survey of the land, its past and its inhabitants; this website is constantly up-dated with the latest information on travelling and accommodations.

If you are traveling in Myanmar, the best way to make sure your funds reach out to the community - buy locally produced food and dine where the natives are. While some of the evils Myanmar still faces are happening in the backseat or from the perspective of the tourist - but as you journey through the countryside you may be faced with problems such as forced labor, unsensitive renovations (or even destruction) of historic buildings and uncomfortable, unpicked garbage.

While you are always courteous and aware of the Asiatic notion of" face preservation", you should be free to express these misgivings to the natives, especially to those at work. While some say this is an utterly poor thing, the reality is more subtle in today's changing context; Myanmar's administration is far from perfected, but it is now taking active steps to seek counsel from NGOs and EU leaders on good governance in this area.

To learn more about traveling responsibly in Myanmar, see this tourist information booklet; for more information on culture awareness, please see our section on culture diversity and adaptation to Myanmar. Burmese citizens want you to come and see us! After previously urging individuals to keep away from the army in order not to fill their bags, Aung San Suu Kyi now greets a conscientious journey to Myanmar and encourages visitors to use institutions that help normal human beings and shun companies that have strong ties to the war.

First of all, you should know that the Myanmar population wants to come and see you! It is almost always possible to make payments to your own travel agent, guide, hotel or guesthouse. It is not only your touristic Dollar that go a long way, but also the natives are infinitely interested in international tourists and are happy to talk to them about almost everything.

Our ethical focus is to provide opportunity for Myanmar residents, whether they are own Yangon employees or guidebooks, vendors and other travelling companions across the nation - and to help them develop their careers through on-the-job education and responsibility. We' re committed to the American Center Yangon internships programme, which offers young Yangonese people the opportunity and careers they need.

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