Places to Travel in Myanmar

destinations in Myanmar

The best beach destinations in Myanmar to visit (Ngapali & Ngwe Saung). Burma is a place that has countless wonders to offer. Top 5ips for gentle, eco-friendly travelling in Myanmar Burma is not as difficult to sail as it used to be, but it is still one of the most unspoilt tourist areas of Southeast Asia. The tourist industry is still adjusting to a rising number of tourists as the door has opened for travelers after years of armed conflict and comparative insulation.

ATM machines appear all over Myanmar, from the airport to the big cities - there is even one in the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. As soon as you get to Myanmar, you can convert the bucks into Kyat. Hotels, pensions and the souvenir shop are the best places to swap; foreign currencies on the road has much higher prices (and can shorten you).

While in Myanmar, you can still use both Dollar and Chat. It is best to use Kyat for anything smaller and on the floor - like teak toys, road cooking, regional cuisine, regional bars and caterers. Deluxe Myanmar trips are not necessarily a responsibility, according to your perspectives.

The rise of the tourist industry gave the natives the right to act in private, which resulted in the opening of inns, restaurants, small market and independant guide-business. In May, in the low tourist season known as "Green Season", I traveled, which offers a great opportunity to have more Myanmar sights to myself.

My coach passes have been booked in my guest house in advanced, and travellers can often get coach schedules from the guest house operator and buy their passes the next morning or just before their trip at the coach terminal. Myanmar's off-limits areas are often open to tourism explorations.

Familiarize yourself thoroughly with your area' s tourist information office and natives to find out in detail which areas need a prior request for a goverment visas or permits. However, please note: Arriving in these areas often takes long journeys (as there are no tourist structures) and forced limitations (e.g. curfews) for international travelers.

You think you're up to steering Myanmar? We look forward to showing you more of this great, wonderful country - take a look at our small group trips to Myanmar here.

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