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Locations to visit in Myanmar's unexplored lands are a paradise for cultural workers. Take a trip here to get to know the traditions of the Burmese. Are Myanmar a safe place to travel? However, you won't be alone - tourists visit Myanmar in high season. Irrespective of whether there is an attraction you see here during your visit, make them the temples of Bagan.

Sights in Burma (Myanmar)

Burma's insularity has kept it for many years impenetrable and underdeveloped, but as the land opens further, the visitor can select from a growing number of places. For many years our experts have been visiting us on a regular basis and can advise you on sightseeing in Burma that suit your interests and put together a trip especially for you.

Over 100 ethnical groups have established themselves throughout the land, each with its own unique culture tradition. These places, which are well represented on our travel routes for a visit to Burma (Myanmar), are places we know are always used to. You can also integrate them into your journey in a way that best fits your preference.

43 places of interest in Myanmar

The Buddhist holy Shwedagon pit shall be seen from all over Yangon. His Holiness has been preserved for almost 2000 years, and you cannot miss this sanctuary when you are visiting Myanmar. There are places like Kyaiktiyo or Golden Rock, a Stupa on a rock or the lying Buddha of Win Sein Taw Ya in Yadana Taung.

Which can be more picturesque than a calm stretch of river encircled by the distinctive Myanmar Stupa, stilted houses and an abundant protected area for birds in its middle? Bagan is another gem in this state. In this area, as the name implies, there is ample spraying of splendid sanctuaries - Ananda and Dhammayangyi Pahto, Shwezigon Paya and Shwesandaw Paya, to name but a few.

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Enjoy a cup of coffee with the natives at a pleasant fair, help young friars have lunches in a monastic house of orphans and experience the touching Buddhistic rites in the 2500 year old Shwedagon Pagoda. Visit the spoiled serpents in a hidden sanctuary, hike with peasants and friars on the world's longest Teakwood Bridges and enjoy beers and BBQ treats as the Irrawaddy River sundown.

Continue along calm green alleys to old remains, take a barbecue on the riverbank, step back into the king's town on a slooo. Fly to the Northern Highlands early, then hike through the woods to see mountain tribes, help washing their Elephant in the rivers and grow some tree for a reafforestation program.

Hike through the atmospheric river temple of Indein and then take a thin ferry to our moored stelzen above the Inle Sea. Cruise around the lakeside by personal boats, visits swimming pools and bustling marketplaces. Cycle through the paddy paddies of the Shan and Intha towns, see woodland friars and go shopping in a bustling town.

Then, just shut your eye and we will take you to a surprising place for a long, luxury and memorable one! Bicycle or ride a horses and carriage through the sand alleys of this amazing archaeological site and explore old tombs and monasteries, each with its own distinctive and atmospheric ambience. Take a barbecue in the shadow of a centuries-old sanctuary walls and slurp sundowner on a sandbar in the heart of the powerful Irrawaddy River.

Visit your favorite temple or buy high-value lacquerware before you return to Yangon in good timing for our goodbye meal.

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