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The Ngapali Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Myanmar. Hover past stilt houses, water buffalos and pagodas as you observe the Intha's way of life. We take you to the best places for local food and less touristy markets. But when you say that, Myanmar is a safe place to travel alone. Reasons to visit Myanmar during the green season.

Myanmar: Myanmar's definitive travel guide

We definitely made our journey to Myanmar an unforgettable one. After spending a whole year in this beautiful land, we visited great places and met many really cute souls. This article covers everything you need to know before and during your Myanmar voyage. We' re passionate about travel and filming.

In our travel blogs we give you useful travel hints and handy hints for you. If you are travelling as a back packer or in a group. Myanmar travel plans and useful information for your stay in Myanmar are made to be useful to everyone. As we really have put as much information about Myanmar as possible in this article, it has become quite long.

That' s why we have placed a list of content at the beginning of the article to help you find the parts of the article that are of relevance to your journey. Not sure Myanmar is the right place for you? We show you what you can see and do in Myanmar.

For whom is Myanmar an ideal traveler? Burma has an unbelievably impressing civilization and is known as the home of the temple and pagoda for a reason. Visit a temple, new or old, and there is probably no better place in the whole wide open than Myanmar. Naturally, the state has much more to offer: for example, stunning scenery.

Burma shows itself from its most beautiful side in Shan State and around Inle Lake. Myanmar is the place for you if you like walking. After a strong portion of cultural activities, a few relaxation sessions on the beaches provide a pleasant diversion. Here, too, Myanmar has much to offer:

There are long sand shores in the east and east of the island, rounding off a great journey to Myanmar. Myanmar is definitely not a place to go for a seaside vacation. And Myanmar is probably not for you if you can't do without westerly foods and standards of life.

However, you should still be conscious that Myanmar's tourist industry is still in its early stages. Travelling around the countryside is simple, but you can't just buy pizzas and burger at every turn. It can be unpleasant to travel by bus and it can take a long way to get from one place to another.

When is the best to travel to Myanmar? Myanmar is the high seasons from November to February. This is definitely the best holiday period for Myanmar. However, you won't be alone - Myanmar is visited by visitors in high seasons. It is generally much more overcrowded, and the most important touristic hotspots are raising their rates accordingly.

When you are a back packer with a limited travel budgets, you should not travel from November to February. In October we went to Myanmar and only had two real wet evenings while we were there. We had a few non raining day, and if it rains, it only takes 1 to 2 h.

Burma is amazingly verdant during this period because it rained for month before. It' still not quite as full, so travelling is still quite relaxed. In any case, we can definitely suggest October for your journey to Myanmar, even if you have to defy the rains from there.

From March it will be very, very warm in Myanmar. The temperature is usually above 40°C and if you don't use air-conditioned cars, travelling isn't much pleasure. However, it is very important where you want to go - if you head for the mountains in the eastern and northern parts of the countryside, then this is probably the best period.

It rains from June to August and it is not unusual that it rains continuously for day. But, hey, at least you don't have to split Myanmar with so many other people. Burma has a variety of places of interest and interests to see. It would take us a few whole orchestras if we tried to put them all here.

Nevertheless, we would like to briefly present some of Myanmar's most important attractions. We have added more in-depth postings with more information and much more pictures for many of the sites, so have a look at them if you want to know more. We' ll also tell you how much you should allow for each site and how long you should stay to get the full benefit.

Nearly all travellers come to Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake, but there are many other places to explore. Myanmar is still the former capitol of Myanmar, the former center of culture and economy. One of the ultimate in Myanmar travel is the Shwedagon Pagoda. It is definitively a must on every journey to Myanmar.

After Yangon, Mandalay is the second biggest town in the land and the centre of culture in the south. There are not many places of interest in the town itself, so many travellers jump over them completely. This is a big error, because the area around Mandalay has many great places of interest to offer:

Amarapura, Inwa, Amarapura, Tagaing, Monywa (not very well known, but really great), Pyin U Lwin, Mingun. The Mandalay is the perfect base to explore all these places. The Monywa and Pyin U Lwin are a little further away, so you should consider spending the nights or just taking a full excursion from Mandalay.

Lake Inle near Bagan is Myanmar's second city. There are an endless number of establishments and crowds of westerly foods. Inle Lake is not really a must and so we jumped over it on our last journey. It is only two inches from Yangon and is often underrated.

Golden Rock is one of the most important places of worship in Myanmar and a great motif for the photograph. The town of Mawalamyaing in the southern part of the countryside has a very special atmosphere. We liked the town with its many old settlement houses and also the area around Mo jlamyaing has a great deal to do.

The Mrauk U in the northwest of Myanmar is still an insiders' tip. Many travellers do not dare to enter this area, at least in part, because it is so far off the well-trodden paths that it is difficult to get there. However, if this is your first visit to Myanmar, these attractions should be more than enough to keep you occupied on your journey.

Irrawaddy Delta south-west of Yangon is another interesting place that does not attract so many people. Burma is not the kind of land where you just go on a holiday on the sea. However, there are some great sandy spots for a few restful holidays at the end of your trip:

The Ngapali Beach and Ngwe Saung in the western part of the island and the hardly known shores and isles in the southern part of Myanmar around the cities of Dawei and Myeik. The ruby city of Mogok in the northeast of the state could be definitely a worthwhile place to visit. Have you already made up your mind to go to Myanmar?

Here you will find everything you need to know about making a reservation for your journey to Myanmar. There are three Myanmar internation airfields. Nearly all travellers begin their Myanmar vacation in Yangon, home of the country's biggest airfield. At the moment it is the best and least expensive airline to Myanmar. You can also take the chance to stop in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore on the way to Myanmar.

From all these towns there are frequent services to Myanmar. Accommodation has become more and more popular in Myanmar in recent years. This is also necessary because many of our hotel rooms are fully occupied during the high seasons. You can find properties in all prices and levels of accommodation - from basic backpackers for less than $20 per overnight stay to luxurious properties for $200 or more.

Simple mid-range hostels cost between $30 and $60 per city. In Myanmar breakfasts are always inclusive and usually consist of bread, eggs, jam and a few bits of fruits. During our month-long Myanmar trip, we have spent the nights in many different places and we have put together a number of suggestions on where to spend the nights in the main Myanmar travelers.

Travellers often enjoy a fully organised tour of Myanmar. We' d rather travel on our own conditions, but of course there's no need why you shouldn't travel like this. When you decide to go on an organised tour, you can do without all the plans and be sure to see the most important places of interest in the state.

You' re traveling to Myanmar? You need a Myanmar entry permit, but getting one is quite easy. With your personal travel permit you can remain in the Netherlands for up to 28 nights. Myanmar has two different ways to get a Myanmar visas. The only thing you have to do is to fill out the form on-line, send a biometrical photograph and your visas will be sent to you by e-mail within three workdays.

They must be able to proof the form when they arrive. Visas are 90 day visas, i.e. you must arrive within the next three month. You can also request your visas by post or in a personal capacity if you do not wish to do so.

If this is the case, the cost of the visas is only 25 Euro. You' ll need to return your pass and request forms to the Myanmar Consulate in your own state. You will get them back after about two week. You can find the request and further information on the website of the Swiss Federal Foreign Office in your state.

You can also personally request your visas if you are living near an outpost. However, you will have to leave twice because your visas will not be granted immediately. Southeast Asia, you can also go to the Myanmar Mission in one of the neighbouring states.

There are no official renewals for Myanmar. However, if you want to remain in the countryside for more than 28 nights, you can simply do so. They' will pay you a $3 for every single date you exceed your limit. This we did ourselves and spent 33 nights in Myanmar.

However, if you are sure that you want to stay longer, we still suggest that you apply for a normal touristic visas. We' ve been told from various quarters that you can easily overrun your visas for up to 90 working nights. Such things can quickly occur in Myanmar. Amitav Ghosh's The Glass Palace is a good guide to reading in Myanmar.

This is a truly gripping novel that unfurls over several generation against the background of Myanmar and other regional states. You will wear lightweight clothing most of the year. In Myanmar, shirtless and shorts are very rare and forbidden in shrines and shrines.

As you have to take off your boots before you enter a temple or pagoda, the perfect footgear for Myanmar flip-flops and easy to wear sneakers. No Myanmar AC adaptor is needed if you are on the Myanmar system. It' difficult to find in Myanmar and if you come across a flask, it is usually very high.

Tamppons are also difficult to get in Myanmar. We' ve put the full content of our rucksack and tell you all about our favourite travel accessoires. You should also review the section on how to behave at the end of this item in Myanmar and choose your dressing room before packing your bag or rucksack.

Unfortunately, Myanmar is not yet well on the way to providing healthcare. It is still advisable to travel to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur for treatments if you are seriously ill. In general, the baseline vaccines suggested for Europe are good enough for Myanmar. Simply verify that you have been immunized against either the disease known to be caused by either local or regional immunization against either local or regional immunization (rabies, Japanische Enzephalitis, typhus, chicken, cholera and/or haepatitis B).

Myanmar still has malaria, especially in the wet seasons. When you are planning to travel during the wet or to very isolated areas, you should obtain further information and seek medical advice. Also in Myanmar dengue is widespread. Pharmacists are all over Myanmar, and most medicines are easily available and very inexpensive.

The Travel H&K in our pack should give you a good understanding of what to take with you. If you don't cook it, you can't even finish drinking the Myanmar mainsprings. Poisonings of foods and upset stomachs are the most frequent medical conditions for travellers in Myanmar. We' dined most of the day in basic diners and never had any trouble.

Myanmar is a topic of concern to many travellers. Myanmar is denominated in Kiev. Today there is an extensive ATM system where you can take out a max. 300,000 kyats at once. Withdrawing funds with a Visa or Mastercard.

The US dollar has long been the most important of Myanmar's currencies. All banks and several establishments will swap for you. Myanmar is often described by many as an expansive tourist spot, but we can' t really state that. We have provided a detailled break-down of all our travel costs for Myanmar in the article we listed above.

While you should review it for a more complete view, this is an overview of the usual Myanmar prices: We also have some handy hints and information when your journey to Myanmar starts. There are some very long distance journeys in Myanmar and travelling by road is not always a pleasant one.

Coaches are the most important way from one place to another in Myanmar. A number of coach operators operate between the main touristic destinations in the state. Commonly known as" 2+1" cars have only three seating places per line, are extremely comfy, provide plenty of legroom and in some cases even have a built-in on-board entertaining system with a choice of movies nestled in the inseat.

However, you must make a reservation a few working nights in advance. However, many of them reach their destinations at dusk, sometimes at 4 o'clock in the mornings. The driving time often depends heavily on the road conditions. Travelling by rail in Myanmar is a true adventure, but long trips are really only recommendable for those who love trains.

It is recommended to take the railway for a brief journey just to get the impression. Myanmar's quickest route from A to B is one of the many internal routes. Coming from Yangon, you can reach almost all destinations in the county within an hours.

Otherwise you most often make reservations with travel agents or in your hotels. It is also possible to travel through Myanmar with a personal chauffeur. The most travellers come to Yangon airport. There is a cab rank in the arrival area where you can indicate your final destinations.

The journey to the town costs about 7,000 kyats and takes between 30 and 90 min. according to the amount of workload. Myanmar's cuisine is very diverse and tasty. Myanmar is one of the most popular destinations in Myanmar. Except for luxurious resorts, they all have the same thing: toasts, egg, marmalade, fruits.

As an alternative, many of our hotel restaurants also serve traditional meals for breakfasts. Coca-Cola is currently swamping the land with refreshments, so you can buy them anywhere today. Myanmar is the best ale in the county and is available everywhere.

Or at least we have it on the good authorities of some of our travel companions who seemed to like it. Nowadays, there is also plenty of coffees in touristic areas. Tips are rare in Myanmar. A lot of lodgings have someone to take your bag or rucksack to your room, and not only in costly lodgings.

Mostly the spontaneous pages vanished so quickly that we couldn't give them anything anyway. It can be different in very pricey properties. We' ve listened to so many nightmares about the Myanmar web before we were out. Nearly all of today's lodgings have WiFi. In recent years, wireless penetration has increased throughout Myanmar, providing dependable wireless connectivity almost everywhere.

We' ve even posted some of our Myanmar video with this kind of link, and some of them are almost 1GB in area. to Myanmar on her inaugural flight. There is no UAV law in Myanmar at the moment, but apparently it is in progress. From time to time we also saw some other unmanned aerial drones in Myanmar.

It is our best recommendation not to take UAVs to crowded places and of course not to operate near army facilities or policing posts and, above all, not near an airport. All in all, Myanmar is a very secure land. Travellers' criminality is very low. As long as you keep your mind upright, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing journey.

While Myanmar looks tranquil in tourism areas, there are still many areas of continuing military strife in Myanmar. This is off-limits to visitors, and you should always be conscious of this when planning your journey. There is still a lot of riots in Shan State in the north-east and Rakhine State in the north-west of the countryside, and from times to times violence breaks out there.

English can get you quite far in Myanmar. Burma is a very open and forgiving place. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of many travellers to Myanmar, many of whom are lacking fundamental courtesies and respectful. So all you really need to do is follow a few easy guidelines so that everyone in Myanmar gets along.

As a matter of fundamental politeness, you should always wear appropriate clothing in Myanmar. She was wearing long trousers or a long gown for the whole length of our journey to Myanmar. In Myanmar you should never tap a child with your skull or tatter their skull. This may be a regular, loving act at home, but in Myanmar it is outrageous.

Another thing: Never give or buy anything from a child (if they ask for or volunteer to change Euro to Kyat). but you' re not doing them any favours. In Myanmar, a big grin will take you far.

Further hints for your journey to Myanmar? Hopefully it will help you plan and prepare your journey to Myanmar. Have a wonderful stay in this wonderful land and we wish that it will charm you as much as it does us. How did you experience Myanmar?

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