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Exquisite, quiet retreat in the heart of mystical Bagan, this boutique hotel has been thoughtfully designed in a fusion of Burmese and contemporary styles. Please ask us which properties we think are best suited to you and your family. There is no better place to discover paradise than the beauty and simplicity of the traditional architecture of the buildings. Myanmar boats - Best accommodation in Myanmar boats. You can explore life on the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar between guided tours of the royal capital and the metallurgical workshops.

Lake Inle - Accommodation

Myanmar's Inle Lake, one of Asia's most scenic areas, is becoming increasingly popular with visitors. Inle Lake, Bob James will explain how to schedule your trip and where to spend the night. Intha-Fischer in front of the Inle-See-Kanal, which leads to Nyaungshwe. Myanmar's water haven Inle Lake is located between the powdery plain of Bagan and the Shan state islets.

Unparalleled in terms of meteorology, scenery and cultural heritage from the remainder of former Burma, it has become a "must" for the few but growing number of West European visitors who have explored the area. The Burmese, Intha and other indigenous tribes are living in perfect balance here, picking seafood and algae from the sea, weave fabrics and even train the cat to leap through tires for the tourist.

A visit to Inle requires some preparation, and while not everyone can enjoy their accommodation near a backpackers port, Inle is definitely it. To shoot at the sea in a long-tail raft just after dawn to get to know the sea is an unforgettable time.

There are many ways to get to Inle, from the fact that most of the population does not remain on the water, to the amazing scale of the area itself, some planing is needed to maximise your experiences. It is possible to remain at the Inle-See, but most humans are not.

You live in Nyaungshwe, the biggest country city, which is linked to the northern end of the lak. Although Myanmar only draws 1 per cent of West European visitors from neighboring Thailand, Nyaungshwe has more than a little of this Koh Tao atmosphere, minus the bucket of alcohol. Budget/High-end Inle lake accommodation?

Nyaungshwe is a real frustration for those who come to Inle to dive into it. It is possible, however, to remain on the pond. Practically all of these high quality Inle Lake Estates are situated in South Lake and are beautiful almost everywhere. Villa Inle Resort, Pristine Lotus Spa and Shwe Inn Swimming Resort are the most prestigious, but also the prices per room per day from $100 to $250.

But there are many less expensive Inle lake resort that can also be booked on-line, such as the prestigious Aquarius Inn and Pyi Guest House and the Gypsy Inn as two of the best rock-bottom-budget decisions. If you want to remain on the Nyaungshwe Sea, you must drive through Nyaungshwe, as it is the gate to the whole North Sea, which is divided between the smaller North Sea and the huge South Sea.

You have a few options to get to Nyaungshwe from elsewhere, of course, dependent on where you come from. Busses - There are no busses directly to Nyaungshwe, with the night in Yangon ending in Shwenyaung and a cab or joint pick-up required for the brief drive to the Inle area.

From Bagan, a coach will also take you 19hrs later on the motorway to Shwenyaung, where you can take a trip together. From Yangon to Thazi by rail for several hrs before heading to Shwenyaung for another trip.

Breath - With such apparent trouble on the floor, most humans are flying to Heho, 25MPH. Three days, two nights long hikes from Kalaw will take you directly to Nyaungshwe after driving through wonderful hills and many indigenous communities. When you arrive in Nyaungshwe, there is not much to do except to have lunch and make your next day's boating trip.

Because of the distance, most of the trips only lead across the North Sea. You will eat by candle light, as there are no street lamps in Nyaungshwe, but the meal is cool, tasty and very inexpensive.

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