Places to see in Yangon Myanmar

Sights in Yangon Myanmar

Here you will find reviews and tips from people like you about Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon (), Myanmar/Burma. People, architecture, the most important sights and streets of this fascinating city. Explore the great attractions in Myanmar and the wonderful uniqueness of the country. Burma (formerly known as Burma) is a blessed nation where you will experience beautiful and fun landscapes all year round. The most popular attractions in Myanmar (Burma).

Sights in Yangon - Sights in Yangon

Things to see in Yangon, Myanmar: There are many places to go in Yangon. Plan a trip to Yangon for your unforgettable holiday. There' s plenty to do in Yangon, Myanmar: Visiting breathtaking monuments, Stupa's, sculptures, tree-lined alleys, colorful stands and seeing the locals at work every day.

It is the giant lying Budda who makes aliens who come to Yangon come to the 6-storey Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda. Once Hantharwaddy, Bago is 80 km from Yangon and is really a place to do. There' s a myth that the location where Bago is today was once undersea.

Thanlyin, formerly known as Syriam, is an important harbour town in Myanmar, situated at the junction of the Yangon and Bago Rivers.

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Yangon, Myanmar's greatest town, is by far the most energetic place in the country that will be at this time, as former expellees, Asiatic gamblers and secluded travellers arrive. It' the greatest town in Myanmar. Being Myanmar and a masterly centre, it is Yangon that most reflects the progress that has been made in the country since the nation's revival.

All my time in Yangon was first-rate. All my time in Yangon was first-rate. All my time in Yangon was first-rate. All my time in Yangon was first-rate.

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If you want to go to Myanmar, you usually select Yangon Town as your first stop. It is the largest town in the county with over 5 million inhabitants. You should not miss the following points during your sightseeing in Yangon: It is the most important place of worship in Yangon, located on the top of Singuttara Hill.

Situated in the centre of the town, this is an impressive sight in the town. nya is the largest in Yangon. The Kandawgyi Parc is the perfect place to spend a quiet day if you don't like the hectic pace of the town. Stroll around, unwind and have a drinks in this luxuriant verdant lakeside resort.

Situated in the centre of the Chinese capital, the Chinese capital is a vast area that stretches over several boulders. Her Yangon sightseeing will not be completed without it. Above are just a few of the many things Yangon Capital has to provide. This will help you ensure that you have a more comprehensive Myanmar Golden Land adventure.

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