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Sights in Yangon Myanmar

Explore Yangon and get all the information about activities, sights and shopping in Yangon. Many teahouses in the city offer more than just tea - they are great places to eat and stay with locals or just to watch. Yangon-based Bago Rail Adventure. It is the former capital of Myanmar and has many colonial buildings and pagodas to discover. Here you will find reviews and tips from people like you about Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar/Burma.

in Yangon Myanmar 5 Exceptional Places

There' s more to do in Yangon, Myanmar's capitol than going to the Shwedagon Pagoda at sundown, sightseeing the colony zone, the Sule and Botataung Pagodas, discovering the National Museum and going to Scott's Market, also known as Bogyoke Market. These are some ideas for places in Yangon Myanmar to enrich your journey and help you get rid of it!

Get to know the locals and get an insight into everyday events beyond Myanmar's attractions. These are some of Yangon Myanmar's best places to see and do. They can help you get to know the "real" Myanmar. You can also enjoy spending quality Christmas shopping with a gourmet chef. Enjoy spending quality Christmas shopping with a gourmet chef who really makes organically grown candies.

Visited the creator of the Mandalay Library and recipient of the Citizen of Burma Award, who made a living from the sale of barbecued seafood, but thought that literacy is the keys to a healthy lifestyle and reading is a spiritual resource. Nowadays, Chinlon is the Myanmar nationwide game.

Founded in 2003, the non-profit Yangon city centre and musical college is "dedicated to musical education, providing exchanges for Myanmar residents to go abroad to learn, and invites foreign performers to give performances and classes in Yangon. "Studying your skills in Yangon can be a great way to broaden your horizon while you visit the city.

Coming from Myanmar, Bando is a fighting style founded on the theoretical that "defense is the best offense". Attack patterns are predicated on the movement of a wild pig, pithon or lizard and a dark leopard, whose movement combines that of other beasts.

A self-defence group can be a singular change in Yangon. Whether you believe it or not, the government's choice to move the city from Yangon to Naypyidaw was founded on the counsel of a Palmdog! Take your free day to discover some of the city' s unforgettable places outside the usual touristic hub.

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