Places to see in Yangon

Sights in Yangon

The golden palace houses a traditional restaurant serving Myanmar dishes. Anyway, did you know that you can take some of the best pictures of the Shwedagon at People's Square and Park? The most popular activities in Yangon include train tours, night market and boat trips to Dala. People, architecture, the most important sights and streets of this fascinating city. Explore the great attractions in Myanmar and the wonderful uniqueness of the country.

Sights in Yangon - Sights in Yangon

Things to see in Yangon, Myanmar: There are many places to go in Yangon. Plan a trip to Yangon for your unforgettable holiday. There' s plenty to do in Yangon, Myanmar: Visiting breathtaking monuments, Stupa's, sculptures, tree-lined alleys, colorful stands and seeing the locals at work every day.

It is the giant lying Budda who makes aliens who come to Yangon come to the 6-storey Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda. Once Hantharwaddy, Bago is 80 km from Yangon and is really a place to do. There' s a myth that the location where Bago is today was once undersea.

Thanlyin, formerly known as Syriam, is an important harbour town in Myanmar, situated at the junction of the Yangon and Bago Rivers.

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It is no wonder that Myanmar has gained a lot of popularity in the tourist industry in recent years. No other town matches this aspiration better than Yangon, the most important gate to the state. Take a look at some of the awesome and inexpensive trips you can make in Yangon.

Myanmar's business and religion centre, apartment and business houses are alongside the city's gold-plated Buddha school. However, for most visitors Yangon is only a launching platform to other places in Myanmar, like Bagan - to see the warm aerials hovering over its 2200 buddhistic sanctuaries - or Inle Lake - to capture some nasty gravity-defying fishmonger.

But, in fact, there is already a lot to do in Yangon. Here you can see the shortlist of low-cost backpackers in Myanmar. The consumption of locals foods is an essential part of any journey, but it can be a tremendous job if you have no clue what it is.

The Feel Myanmar Meal is a favourite with residents and expatriates alike in Yangon and will be the top choice for cabbies looking for domestic cuisine. In the meantime, orders can be placed at the bar, where the meals are placed in scouring trays, or via the menus.

To get your first taste of Burma eating, order from the menus and see what they produce. Yangon National Museum is located right next to the Feel Myanmar School. Stop for the first time and get to know Burma's cultural and historical heritage. This 326-foot gold-plated Shwedagon Pagoda is the holiest Buddhist temple in all of Myanmar and is huge enough to receive all the recognition that the land has become a gold one.

Each year, the relic of four Buddhas who have attained Illumination are received by tens of thousand people from all over Myanmar. Though of hinduistic origins, buddhistic followers would be pouring rain over the item labelled with the date on which they were borne to fulfill a wish. It is the best moment to visit the huge sanctuary around sundown.

A 14-acre patio that surrounds the Temples would be immersed in a gold shine as the lights of the sunset and the lantern posts would rebound from the surfaces of any gold pod. Yangon's nightlife, China Town, is the place to get together with your loved ones to have drinks or just something to eat.

Dining out in the street and the most favourite are the barbecue poles and canes of all kinds. If you combine it with paddy, you get one of the best dishes in Yangon. The Kandawgyi artificial lake with a perimeter of 8 kilometres is a good place for your jogging in the mornings or in the afternoons.

Situated in the Kandawgyi Nature Park, the pond is a quiet place in the morning and afternoon. Inya is the larger artificial Yangon Sea. It is very pure, like Kandawgyi Mountain and the quiet landscape is a good place to relax from the relentless warmth of the suntan.

It' also a very favourite meeting place in the town ('after you read the signposts around Inya Lakes Park'). Though most of the area around the reservoir is encircled by prestigious neighbourhoods, there is a large number of shops, a number of shops and a jogging area.

In Yangon, a monk is an everyday vision, and it is not hard to get a benediction from one, especially when you are in the shrines. No Buddhist? Capture one in the Botataung Pagoda while visiting the temple's gold interior. Get a Myanmar massages. Myanmar massages mean that parts of the human organism are squashed, beaten and beaten in turn.

One good thing about this type of massages is that they are clean, no post-massage tackiness, and there is no need to go au natura. Sapel Traditional Myanmar Foot Spa provides several different available massages to suit your needs and your personal budgets. The Thanaka, the mystery of Burma's women's beaute.

Longyi /'long-gee/ is the nationwide suit worn by Myanmar's males.

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