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Sights in Yangon

The golden palace houses a traditional restaurant serving Myanmar dishes. Anyway, did you know that you can take some of the best pictures of the Shwedagon at People's Square and Park? The most popular activities in Yangon include train tours, night market and boat trips to Dala. View our Yangon photos from our last trip to Myanmar. People, architecture, the most important sights and streets of this fascinating city.

The best places for sunset in Yangon

It is the former capitol of Myanmar and has many colorful houses and palagodas to discover. Things to do such as round trip by rail, overnight fair and boating to Yangon are the most favourite things to do. So what about the sundown in this lovely city? Don't be afraid, we will show you the best place to watch the sun set and sense the time.

There is no denying that the Shwedagon is the best place to watch the sun set in Yangon. The majority of visitors to the Shwedagon pit in the evenings to watch the sun set and discover the distinctive cultures, customs and beliefs of Tibetan and Tibetan Buddhism. In the Shwedagon pit you can also discover the 10 handicrafts of Myanmar.

When you walk with your leader, ask him where you can see the glittering diamonds on top of the pagoda. Lake Kandawgyi is one of the main tourist sites in Yangon. In the mornings and afternoons most folks come to see her for pictures of the Shwedagon Pagoda and the lakes.

Yes, it is also good to experience the sundown there in the evenings, the sound of Mother Earth, the wonderful Karaweik Hall and the wonderful sea and backdrop of the Shwedagon Pagoda are truly astonishing. It is a lovely place to discover it. It is possible to take a boat trip at sundown, enjoying cocktails and dinners together on the sundeck.

They were the tallest building in Yangon. Today there are more rockets in Yangon than ever before, the Thiripyitsaya Sky Bistro is a really lovely place to watch the sundown. They can see the whole town, lovely Shwedagon Pagoda, town centre, Sule Pagoda, etc..

About Yangon

It is a fascinating town that has captivated our minds in many ways. This was just one of the reason why Myanmar (formerly Burma) was so unique to us and why it became our favorite in Hispania. Have a look at our Yangon pictures in the photo galery below.

We have been intrigued by the way we live and the way we work. It' a big town, but Yangon has so much to do. Beneath the heats, the noises and the transport lies a captivating place of cultural, traditional and modernity that catches up with the outside worlds.

Watch the Yangon, Myanmar movie here. The best experience we had was walks on the market, walks through the street and the presence and occupation with the kind, smiling crowd in front of us. When we came over we felt so welcome; folks said hello, glad to get a big grin from us.

Yangon has an energetic eating habits, whether it was a walk through the dining cars on 19 th St. or a conversation with the folks who enjoyed the early bird drink in temporary squares in the alleys. Municipality is meeting on the road. These roads, encircled by 1920s UK collective architectural styles, are sometimes carefully renovated, while other structures are strangely dilapidated.

Swedagon Pagoda is the most spiritually charged place in Yangon. Natives and friars from all over Myanmar come here to venerate their Buddha, and visitors like us just standing there awed and seeing the significant glittering golden glitter. You not only get a good look at the town, but also a good outlook on a good time in the lives of the people.

So we glanced past the big, loud city and found such a welcoming, friendly people. Yangon is best visited during the low seasons from October to November and March to April. Tourism is not so intense and the heats in Myanmar are more tolerable than in May-June when the temperatures suffocate!

Accommodation in Yangon: Sights on the Yangon photos: The Yangon Circle Train - A trip through the town, observing folks makes it the most joy. Remember to include Myanmar in your trips?

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