Places to see in Myanmar

Sights in Myanmar

It' a little scary and hard to know where to start. A week in Myanmar (Burma) is not enough! However, you can stuff in some ascending and coming destinations that should be on every traveler's bucket list. Hike the Shan Highlands, hike to Inle Lake, visit Kalaw Central Market, climb Cloud Hill and find out where to eat and drink.

Top 5 Good Places to Visiting Myanmar Now

I' ve travelled a lot in recent years, but every single wondering what my favourite land is where I've been, I don't delay for a second before I say Myanmar. There' s something magic about this land I can't remember. These are five good reason to come to Myanmar now:

Myanmar, I think it is not possible to take a poor picture in Myanmar, even if you are not a pro-grapher. Throughout the whole land is different from any other place in the worid, and the colours and pure incredibility of everything give photographs that will definitely make your boyfriends and relatives feel exceedingly envious of your itinerary.

The Bagan Temples are generally considered a better place than the Siem Reap Temples. Though not quite as big as Siem Reap, Bagan is an unbelievable place to be. What's more, it is much calmer than Siem Reap and gives the place its mysticism.

I' ve been to the time of the monsoons and had some kind of luck with great wheather, but few masses of visitors - but even if you're there in the high seasons, you'll notice that it's quite calm. One reason for this is that there are fewer visitors to the place, and another is that motorcycles are not allowed and most drivers are on the much softer e-bicycles.

The walks I've taken in Myanmar are among the best I've ever taken. A number of different places to hike in the countryside, the most favourite being the Kalaw to Inle Lake hike. However, my favourite hiking was done from the Hsipaw basecity because we could go off the tourist paths and see some really rustic towns and see the population there.

Anything you do, you are sure to have a good time, and (at least when I was there in 2015), most three-day hikes put you back less than $50, inclusive of all board and lodging! Before I visited Myanmar I did not know much about its past, although I at least knew that it was once under UK domination.

I wish I had known more before I left. Some of my favourite book I' ve seen about the land are The Glass Palace, by Amitav Ghosh, and Twilight Over Burma, by Inge Sargent-but even if you are a temporary reader or don't like it, I suggest that you at least browse some of my on-line materials about the land before your journey!

It is becoming more and more beloved by visitors, but it is still relatively unfrequented. Anyone who wants to get off the well-trodden path in Southeast Asia, especially in contrast to Thailand or Vietnam, cannot do better than Myanmar. It is not my intention to say that the tourist industry is still in its early stages, because a lot has happened since the opening of the state.

There may not be lodges or backpackers in every part of Southeast Asia, but the crowd is amazingly kind and inviting, and you will certainly have an astonishing amount of quality exploration wherever you can.

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