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9 places to see the sunset in Bagan "Min ga ga ga la bar", a happy salute you will be hearing in most places you go to in Myanmar. This is no longer the case in Bagan, probably the most popular touristic destination in the state. The Bagan is home to more than 3,000 sanctuaries that extend as far as the eyes can see.

It is an amazing view and often the picture most connect with Myanmar. Where are the places where you can take the best picture at night? It' a town by the riverbank, just south of Bagan. Situated on the banks of the Irrawaddy Riviera, it is the ideal place to observe the sun set over the Irrawaddy Canyon.

Located in the center of the archaeological region of Bagan, Ta Wet Phaya is a good place for the sun to rise and set. Only you and the plain of Bagan. Opposite Sulamani is a small gravel track leading southwards to the mysterious Shrine. One of the best ways to see the sun set is at this underestimated one.

In contrast to many other larger shrines, the small corridors and aisles are not blocked. So it is possible to discover the whole sanctuary and get on the way up. And the higher you get, the better the views. It is located directly behind the shade of the Dhammayangyi sanctuary and the way there is small and quite dirty.

Even though the sanctuary is easy to access, far fewer visitors come at sundown. It is a scenery full of wildlife and activity, from the local people who play their chins alone (a classic Myanmar outdoors game) to the sundowners. You can see the Shwesandaw Pagoda, the most famous place for sunsets for visitors.

This is a great place to see the wonderful, shining Htilominlo Temple after nightfall. You have to go up a small, shadowy stairway, a very small passageway to deserve the views you are about to see. Immediately after sunset you can listen to the sounds of fowls and friars and see the rising starry sky on the canopy.

Situated a few mins northeast of Old Bagan and very near the Khaymingha Pagoda. It is not only from Bagan's shrines and palagodas that you can enjoy good sunsets. This can be another possibility for those who cannot come to the temple at sundown. The Bagan Hotel River Viewis is situated in Old Bagan, on the bank of the Irrawaddy River.

Soak up the evenings and see the sun set over the hill on the other side of the stream while you relax in a deckchair with a drink. This is a medium-sized sanctuary that should not be subject to discounting as an optional extra. You can take a great picture of the pagoda silhouettes, which are covered with golden.

It has been well restored and decorated with artistic external ornaments that can be seen before sunset. From New Bagan, it is just behind the Dhammayazika pit (a very large gold pit). You can see the template on Google Maps, so don't be worried about the loss.

Renting a yacht is another possibility. Here you can have your own privacy to observe the living sundown. Rent a yacht from the dock in Old Bagan, but more likely the yacht owners will find you. Sundowns behind the stream, so there will be no temple in this picture, but the gaze is focused on the vast, tragic skies of Bagan.

Pink colored skies as the sunny sky is reflected by the flow with a fire coloured orangutan..... Besides the riverbank and the sundown, you will also see the temple and riverbank towns, among them the long-legged timber cottages of the locals, which are covered with coconut leaf.

A lot of visitors know the views from the top of the Buledi Pagoda, but what they don't know is temple 405. Tempel 405 is a slightly smaller copy of the Buledi Temple and you will find it when you pass it a few meters. They are very precipitous, so be cautious, but the views themselves are definitely deserving of a mix of ancient sanctuaries and unbelievable scenery.

Every one of these places is different in its own way, and everyone offers something different than the next, so choose your setting well. Whoever you are or where you come from, Bagan will welcome you.

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