Places to see in Mandalay

Sights in Mandalay

Check the visa requirements for your nationality before travelling to Myanmar. To Do In Mandalay. You will see the large city walls and the surrounding moat and think that this must be a big deal. Those who love the view should drive up Mandalay Hill to take a look at the city. I was recommended the place to watch the sunrise over Mandalay by another backpacker I met on the bus from Inle Lake.

Activities in Mandalay you should not miss

More and more visitors venture to Myanmar's jagged and wild coast and the bustling Mandalay is gradually becoming a major traveler. Mandalay looks like any bustling Asian metropolis on the outside. It is enough to shake off the crowd with high-rise cement structures and crowded roads.

There are so much more in this modest city, from colourful strolls around the castle ditch and visiting various convents and palagodas to the infinite chain of tea shops. For the best out of your Myanmar trip, here is our Mandalay activities schedule that you should not miss.

In order to reach Mandalay and most of its main tourist sites, you will need to take a motorcycle taxi/taxi that will take you from one place to another. If you are not used to travel ing in Asia, however, we suggest you jump over this, as Mandalay's pedestrian flow and tooting can be compared to the lively roads in Vietnam.

In order to visit most of the sights you need the touristpass (payable only in the Kyat area for 10.000), which gives you entrance to the following attractions: Of course I have to begin with the major draw. Most of Mandalay is shallow, but this mound provides a breathtaking panoramic look at just about everything around you.

Whoever climbs this mound is awarded with a bird's earshot of the town ramparts, the ditch around it and various churches and caves. The Irrawaddy River shines from whereabouts. It is recommended that you climb the stairs, which take about 40 min. Situated outside the centre of the town, Mandalay is only a 10 minute car ride from the capital.

The Sandamuni Wooden Table is close by while you are in Mandalay Hill. It spans the extensive area of pagodas in long organised lines and is definitely a worthwhile stop. All in all, it is a very interesting place and it is definitely rewarding to walk around Mandalay Hill before descending.

The Mandalay palace was more than just the king's mansion. This was like a small town with a glass-palatial district, an auditorium and a war area. I' m sure if you're interested in story, the place is a great place to wander around during the days, but I wasn't very excited.

It is the longest pedestrian walkway in the worid and has a length of 1300 meters over Lake Taungthaman. Once you have spent your time in the town and centre of Mandalay, you can also take a full outing.

Wherever you go, you'll see plenty of road cuisine and souvenir shops where you can stop by when you're not there. The best way to experience the Mandalay area is to relax in a nearby pub, have some coffee and see the whole wide open area. Formerly part of the King's residence, this is one of the few pristine construction complex.

A lot is currently being renovated and restored, but it is still regarded as a landmark in Mandalay. Shvenandaw Kyaung was part of the King's residence where King Mindon used to live and is the only significant preserved historic edifice. Whilst enjoying Mandalay, we suggest you leave the town for a full days and visit the Dee Doke Falls where the blueest and most scenic swimming ponds in Myanmar are located.

An excursion to the falls is a great getaway from the permanent hot ness of the town Mandalay and can be made within a single working days. The journey from the capital is about 1h. Further rides nearby: Hopefully this has given you an impression of what you can do in Mandalay.

How about you, what's your favourite thing in Mandalay?

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