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Like old mummies helped this soccer player get to the World Cup. Myanmar Mergui Archipelago | Burma The Mergui Arcipelago has a lot to do. We' re happy about what we can do in Mergui, but to keep it even more specific for those who join us in this exceptional place - we'll keep it under the wire for now! There is only one boat to discover this 800-island island paradise, and there are few boats that use it.

If you want the luxurious experience, we can rent a super boat like Dunia Baru to go back to Mergui for you or rent a nice boat and a nice team for your group. Find out more about the adventure on the island here:

Best Sights in HiPaw

During this period I would like to tell you about HsiPaw, a beautiful city in the north Shan state in Myanmar. Paw Hsi attracts the visitors' interest because of the dawn over Burma: Mine as Shan Princess history, which tells the true history of the Aussie wife and Sao Kya Seng (a Shan racial prince).

When you plan to tour an interesting city, I would like to tell you the top lists that you need to attend in Hsipaw. Paw Haw Nann is a place where Sao Kya Seng and his whole household were born. Now Sao Kya Seng's nephew's woman will tell all about the city.

Many of the old couples like Bagan gather here. From HsiPaw Haw Nan it only needs 20 min. by bicycle or on foot. The Baw Kyo Shan is another place to see in HsiPaw, situated in the Baw Kyo town. It' a HsiPaw proud coup.

Here you have the opportunity to see the many old pages. The Hsipaw is a real city in Shan State with many historic sites, old Pagoda and a wonderful landscape. If you are visiting the city of Hsipaw, be sure to bear the dawn over Burma: my live as a Shan Princess Bible.

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