Places to see in Burma

Sights in Burma

Explore the best places in Burma through the reviews and advice of experienced travelers. The places you can visit with the children in Burma are amazingly varied. It is one of the largest wholesale markets in town, and it is a great place to visit if you want an action-packed market experience. The Mandalay is the kind of place that people use as a traffic junction, but leave as soon as possible. Although the situation has improved, poverty is immediately visible.

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Burma has an unbelievable diversity of sights. The most important festivities contain the most important attractions, but there is also the possibility to see some of the jewels that are totally off the usual paths. When you or your kids have special interests, let us know and we can suggest areas that are particularly attractive.

Yangon is the starting point of most of our trips to Burma. Once you get there, the kids will be thrilled by the hectic pace. In Yangon, the Shwedagon Pagoda, the center of Buddhism in Burma, is a must. It is a great place for a place where you can watch and the perfect place to bring the kids to Buddhism.

When you go to the sundown, you' ll be able to sit back and see billions of darkness flying in quest of nourishment from the bottom of the coup. The Bogyoke Market is also definitely a worthwhile place to go, full of small stores that sell just about anything you could wish for. It is Burma's main draw and must be one of our favorite places in all of Asia.

There is a lush strip of grass running through the Irrawaddy's slowly flowing water, and as far as the eyes can see, there are literally a hundred antique wards. Kids can locate Buddhaist woodcarvings and frescos hiding in obscure ruined areas and walk down tight passageways in the light of torches to see where they are leading.

Elderly kids will love cycling around the area, riding along small paths through the plains and stop at some of the less frequented places. Younger kids may want to go out in a horse-drawn carriage, especially in the early afternoons when the dusk casts long shades over the greenery.

The Mandalay is a big flourishing town, but the main draw here is not the town itself, but the old remains scattered around. It is Burma's culture centre and the area is home to sparkling churches, old towns, working convents and historical cloisters. In the mornings you can watch the singing of the little oranges in a convent and in the afternoons you can explore the atmosphere of the old town of Ava in a horse-drawn carriage.

It is also on the outskirts of the Irrawaddy (or Ayeyarwaddy as it is localized ) and a great option for kids is to take a cruise along the riverbank to the huge bells in Mingun. Towns line the banks and kids are playing in the waters, while women are washing their robes and nuns are passing by on their way to the Shrine.

Another of Burma's most famous landmarks, the U-Bein Tree Brigde, is also located near Mandalay. Situated in the middle of the Shan Plateau hill, Inle is one of Burma's most scenic travelers. It is a vast, gleaming surface of waters lined with swamps, lined with sanctuaries and home to many swimming coves.

Local people use the sea to carry products from their swimming garden and the water is always a beehive of work. Or you can enjoy a beautiful longtail cruise and explore the beautiful scenery of the lakes and the many small canals that connect to small villages. We have busy local fairs that revolve around the pond for 5 days, so if your trip is coincident with your fair we will take this into account.

The kids are enjoying the goings-on with cattle and oxen populating the roads on the way to the pet markets, stands crammed with fruits and veggies, and hillside dwellers in typical clothes looking for goods. Another worthwhile stop are the lovely Indein marquees. They have a wonderful view over the lakes.

Inle and its surroundings offer exciting walks and bike tours, and older kids can go hiking on peaceful rural paths by bike or take a night walk to a secluded hill town. There' s a lively local fair, some interesting monasteries and a great little boating tour.

You can only reach Ngapali by air, but there are frequent departures to and from Burma. When you think that your children's inner Indiana Jones will not be happy to explore Bagan, go to Mrauk U. This is a secluded but stunning place shrouded in an unbelievable number of destroyed wards.

Climb around the remains for countless hikes and explore abandoned cemeteries. They will be thrilled! The old UK mountain resort of Calaw is located in the hilly area near Lake Inle. It' an appealing city with quaint sanctuaries and some nice strolls into the mountains.

For younger kids, there is a daily walk that provides a good introductory tour of the area and takes you to tranquil mountain towns with breathtaking mountain outlooks. Elderly kids can take a longer trail that leads far off the well-trodden paths to secluded Danu and Pao towns. Pause for a soccer match with the native kids and stay the night in very basic inns or convents.

It is also the starting point for a trip to the amazing Green Hill Elephant Centre. It is a great activities for kids of all age groups and always a high point of every trip to Burma. The kids will be happy to join the many travellers on their way up. A lot of Burmese will have come from far away and may never have seen strange kids before, so your ascent will take longer than usual as you may have to stop every few seconds to posture for a photo!

It is a nice and tranquil city in a secluded hill country in the Golden Triangle, which stretches across the borders to Thailand and Laos. It' the major entry point to Burma from the north of Thailand. In an aca hamlet where the ladies still wore artistic silvery headgear, their faces surrounded by large pearls of gold, or in a Loi congregation where highly tattooed men live.

Take a footpath to see Narrow woman known for her dark hair and stunning earrings, or visit a Palaung Village where the ladies are wearing colorful embroidery.

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