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Learn more about the lifestyle of the ancient Myanmar people and the ancient kingdom of Myanmar. Don't go to the typical places where all tourists go. Do you think about Burma? I' m advising you not to go. - Yanmar Forum

Do you think about Burma? This council comes from my experience of a 2-week vacation in Burma. So I went on a group trip organized by a large British travel group. Afterwards we went to the common touristic hotspots in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake. I would like to advise you not to go to Burma because of my desire to spend a relaxing and pleasant vacation.

The vacation was very frustrating, because the high points were rare and not too thrilling. The biggest part of the vacation was in Ayurawaddy riverbank, which makes Holland seem like a mountain! That certainly took place in Burma. In Bagan, one of the high points of the vacation is a sundown from one of the terrace temples.

Most of the terraced areas are now off -limits to the general population due to seismic damages, general abrasion and low upkeep. That puts the few open patios under enormous stress. The pamphlet said we could watch the sun set from one of the quieter churches. Now, think of more than 20 coaches riding on powdery trolleys laid out for oxcarts at this cemetery.

Many coaches meet at sundown on the renowned U-Bein river break. It' almost not possible to get on the gangway, and if so, it is hard to prevent being knocked off the gangway. Here too there will be an crash, unless the viaduct topples first. In Amarapura the group went to a convent to watch the friars eating their meals every day.

If you have seen the famous Shwedagon in Yangon, a teaak convent and a sanctuary in Bagan, you have a good grip on it. When you think about going to Burma, at least you know what to look forward to. Well, I think there are better ways to use up your vacation money.

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