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Learn more about the lifestyle of the ancient Myanmar people and the ancient kingdom of Myanmar. Don't go to the typical places where all tourists go. The Myanmar Forum The prizes are high and cost a great deal of money. I' d like to tell you about my very poor experiences with www.go-myanmar.

com (90 Bogalay Zay Street, Yangoon, phone: +959 7319 3410). I would like to book my seat in 2 buses from France before I travel to Myanmar.

The first is from Inlé Lake to Bagan and the second is on the Bagan to Mandalay line. They' re giving you the schedule online, but you have to ask them to give you the tariffs. First, they sent me the offer for the V. I.P. Coach. And then I was written that there were no V. I.P. Coach, there were regular coaches.

At first they charged me the same fare and when I said that this was not a V ip shuttle, they quoted me 5US$ less. You texted me that there are $10 administrative charges plus 4.5% for Visa cards. As a result I sent a letter to go-myanmar asking for a $20 reimbursement.

and my liaison told me there was nothing he could do for me. Again I texted and the businessman (European guys who founded this firm in 2012) told me that he knew his work well (! before he was in the media!) and answered me that all the charges were clear on the website and he added that I accept the prize before I pay.

Enjoy your journey in Myanmar.

Burma is a great place for adventure travel.

Burma or Myanmar is the right place for adventurous trips. Excursions include activity that puts your resolve, a lot of exercise and even a little risk to the test. Myanmar has many good places for adventurous trips. Whitewater canoeing is one of the newest sports in Myanmar.

Many places in the north of Myanmar where you can do canoeing. Now, one of the best whitewater courses in Myanmar {Burma}, the current here is assessed at stage 4 and in some places at stage 5. This part of the trip is also exciting because the rafts hike to the springs, sometimes four or five nights.

Climbers would also like Myanmar, as there are still many undiscovered summits in the state. Birdwatching is also possible in Myanmar. Approximately 1000 types of migrating Myanmar wild animals are native to the land without considering the migrating Myanmar during the northerly winters.

An allegedly dead type of birds named Gurney' pitta was found a few years ago in the great outdoors. There are other adventurous activities such as bungyumping, para-gliding, mountaineering that are not yet available in Myanmar, but there are many possible places for these as well. Burma is one of the countries of the developing globe proud of its wealth.

Myanmar has over 135 indigenous groups in both the plains and mountains. The Naga strains are widespread among them in the northwestern Myanmar hill, along the boundary with India. Although each strain is different and certain facets of the strain are different, they have many shared convictions and practice.

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