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Click on the pictures below for more information on destinations around Myanmar. GoldĀ Rock Pagoda with our range of day trips and activities in Yangon. Yangon was once the capital of Myanmar before Naypyidaw and is still the trading centre and largest city today. Simple to get Taxi & Grab. A fascinating place in the process of renewal and rapid modernisation.

Myanmar Yangon Day Tours and Activities

Yangon, the former Myanmar capitol, is a town that reaches for the past and yet is trapped in the past. With a variety of stunning edifices and landmarks and never far from thick nature beauties, Yangon is a marvellous town that deserves a place on any South East Asia route. Take your free moment here with our offer of daily trips and excursions that offer the best of the town and its surroundings.

We would like to point out that our Yangon daily excursions and excursions are independent of our longer multi-destination itineraries. Do you plan a longer stay in Myanmar (Burma)? Explore some of our favourite multi-day excursions that last one or more days in Yangon. If you would like to plan a trip to Yangon on a tailor-made route to Myanmar (Burma), take a look at our tailor-made vacation plan.

Explore two of Myanmar's most thrilling towns with daily trips in Mandalay and Yangon.

the Yangon

Yangon was once the capitol of Myanmar before Naypyidaw and is still the trading center and the biggest town. Situated in the rich Yangon river estuary, it is home to the country's major seaports and airports and serves as a gateway for travelers to other towns and areas.

It is full of historical and cultural heritage, but also shows most of the signs of transformation since Myanmar opened in 2011 after centuries of unified warfare. The most important sights worth seeing are the Shwedagon, the lying Buddha Chaukhtetgyi, the Sule Pagoda and the Kolonial Building in the centre of the town, the Bogyok (Scott) Market, the National Museum and the Kaba Aye (World Peace) Pagoda.

Yangon downtown houses the biggest collections of 19th and early 20th centuries colorful architectural colonies in Southeast Asia. These include Yangon Town Hall, Customs House, Victorian-style Strand Hotel and Pegu Club, one of the oldest preserved UK collective houses in Yangon.

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