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Sights in Yangon Myanmar

Marvel at the beauty of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Let the Chauk Htet Kyi Pagoda fascinate you. Sense tranquillity in the Swal Taw Pagoda. Feel is now a kind of institution and a good place to discover the quality of Burmese cuisine. Yangon city centre is accessible and the best way to see the sights.

Shoredagon Pagoda Reviews - Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar/Burma

like the Great Dagon Necklace or the Yellow Necklace. Featuring several antique relicts, this stunning sideboard is the holiest of Burma's Buddhist chancel. This 325-foot gold-plated marble tower is dominating the cityscape. A lot of visitors buy from the sellers and bring it to the pit as a sign of appreciation for the attractiveness of this astonishing, gilt symbol.

Yangon, Myanmar travel guide

This may no longer be the capitol, but there is no question that Yangon will remain the number one town in Myanmar. You would think on the streets (and on the Internet) that not much happens in the town, but you would dive a little more deeply, talk to natives and foreigners and you would experience a whole bunch more than you would have thought at first.

The majority of rural arrivals stay here two or three nights before they continue their trip northwards, and in fact this is a good season to see what the town has to boast. Those who want to stay more in town are welcomed with some gemstones.

The majority of guest houses and backpackers are located near the centre of the village, and as this is the busiest part of the municipality, it is a good area to spend the night. This also means that you can walk to most places in the cities, which is convenient, because although they are inexpensive, the Yangon cabs are not the most advanced you will ever come across, nor are the coaches!

Located, try to remain near Sule Pagoda, as this is the main part of the city and near the Chinatown and Little India wards. For those who would rather remain out of the city, visit the beautiful Thanlwin Guesthouse near Inya Lake, one of our best hostels, with sleeping accommodations from $10 US$ and bed & breakfast rooms from $40 US$.

The first stop for any newcomer (and if not, it should be him) is the centre of the town, the splendid Shwedagon Pagoda. The 2,600-year-old "Mountain of Gold" lies high up on a hillside with a view of the town and is so important to the locals that your cabbie will probably say a little pray to himself every single moment he is there.

Near the centre of the town there are two more peaks that are still interesting to see, even if you have been suffering from the tiredness of temples all over Southeast Asia. To the southeast of the town is the Botataung Pagoda, a wonderful ensemble located on the Yangon River and said to contain a remnant of Buddha's fur.

The Sule Pagoda, a distinctive gold traffic circle, is also located in the center of this easily navigable town. Walk through Yangon's collapsing archaeological complex: the Yangon Hill: The Caves: The Colonial Age: Yangon: But Yangon has so much more to offer than just a temple. There are many UK-building surviving in the inner cities, and although many of them are slightly decayed at the present time, their casings are preserved to give an impression of what the town was like fifty or sixty years ago.

Though you will be returning in a few years and hopefully most of them will revert to their former glory, the Yangon Heritage Trust was established to make sure that the city's historic edifices are being refurbished. Visiting a local Myanmar market: The Bogyoke Aung San Markt, just off the town centre, is a busy place where all kinds of objects are sold, both useful and other (although it is locked on Mondays).

There are the vibrant Chinatown and Little India neighbourhoods and most of the surrounding area' s dining areas. Yangon's museums: Yangon stretches just south of the centre and has many more attractions for those who live beyond the ordinary time. Lake Kandawgyi on the northerly outskirts of the town is a wonderful place to unwind, with some wonderful caf├ęs to stay.

His older sister further northerly, Lake Inya, is a more lively place, but also provides some recreational places and possibilities for sailing and canoeing for those interested. In Inya Lake is also the home of the heroine Aung San Suu Kyi, where she was imprisoned for almost 20 years.

Browse the "Yangon Nightlife" in Google and you will have the impression that there is no drink scenery in the cityscape. Whilst it's not Bangkok, New York or London, the capital offers something for those looking for a few drinks and a little intoxication. When you' re in the city on a Tuesday, go to the gorgeous country-style Pansodan Gallery, where a mix of natives, expatriates and back packers come together to study, get hammered and put the whole thing in order.

Inya & Thaya Day spa treatments: Indulge in a relaxed massages or treatments in the best Inya Day and Thaya Day pools (16/2 Inya Road, 3. storey, 17 Junction Square, Pyay Road). From 10am to 9pm, 7 nights a week, the resorts offer an invitation to escape the crowds of urban havoc and enter the tranquil, Zen-like world.

However, more and more air travel to the cities is opening up, so that further development is to be expected in the next few month. Northbound to Bagan - Take a 10 hour night coach to get to Bagan, a country of over 10,000 sanctuaries built between the eleventh and thirteenth century.

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