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Each of us visited the Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon's main attraction, and stood in awe of its grandiose structure of gold. Mawlamyine & Hpa An in Myanmar? This country, formerly known as Burma, is still an under-radar honeymoon destination.

Yangon with children

As we were traveling to Myanmar with children, several folks were telling me not to go to Yangon with children. Yangon with children. Sure, there are no amusement arcades or great fun for families, but it was a captivating town to explore, and with a little advance plan, there is much to keep the children interested and amused.

Since we only had one in Yangon with children, we reserved a personal daily trip through Yangon through the travel agency THAHARA, where we had our own vehicle and our own chauffeur, so that we could get in as well as possible. Continue reading to explore our proposals for activities in Yangon with children.

The Downtown Yangon has a surprise number of colorful houses (the highest number of colorful houses in Southeast Asia according to Wikipedia) - a pitching into the era of the British Empire. Whilst some of these structures have been renovated into benches or hotel complexes, the vast majority of them have been decayed over the years, with the growth of bushes and bushes between the falling bricks.

Roads around the remains give a captivating insight into Yangon living, with the natives having their breakfasts at the roadside stands and sell their goods to corner people. The Maha Bandula Gardens, where the Independence Monument is located, are located in the centre of the Yangon District.

It is a beautiful place for a walk in the nearby houses, and if you are in Yangon with children, there is a small play area where they can let off some energy. The Yangon Colonial District with children was much more enjoyable thanks to our Leap & Hop guide, which includes a Yangon Heritage Quiz Walk and a treasure hunt with various sacred monuments.

In any case, I suggest a copy if you plan to go to Myanmar with children. Sule Pagoda is a surprise, because it is situated in the centre of Yangon, the stupa rises from the stores and the dense transport. The Sule Pagoda, said to be about 2,500 years old, was an important focus in Yangon's and Burma's political life and served as a gathering place for pro-democracy rallies in both the 1988 uprising and the Saffron Revolution.

Sule Pagoda is much less frequented than the more popular Shwedagon Pagoda, but we did enjoy walking around the Stupa, taking the gold Shrine and pictures of Buddha - and the children used to love to hunt all the different kinds of bronce-bell. Absolutely something to see when you're in Yangon's Colonial District.

Cuisine in Myanmar has not challenged us enough - it certainly did not rival the neighboring Thai and Vietnamese comrades. The Rangoon Tea House in Yangon was an anomaly. This is a family-friendly Yangon! Light and airy, this contemporary yet genuine atmosphere is evocative of the great tea houses of Rangoon during the UK-Colonisation.

There is also a funny choice of local style drinks and a whole meal of different tea varieties, although we have chosen Myanmar. When you visit Yangon with children, you should definitely stop for a home-made icecream as a welcome alternative to your sight-seeing.

Burma's founder fathers were guilty of Burma's sovereignty over Britain, even though he was murdered six month before the country's real sovereignty. If you know very little about Burma's story, as I do, this little muse is definitely a worthwhile place to visit, although there isn't much to entertain the children here (although my children seemed very lucky to chase each other up and down the stairs).

Shwedagon' s incredible! It is Myanmar's holiest page, as it is said to contain eight Gautama Buddha hair and remains of three former Buddhas. In the Shwedagon pit there is much to see - the gilded mock-up, which is the heart of the pit, is almost a hundred meters high and completely clad with gilded mats.

There' s lots of joy with the children in the Shwedagon Pagoda - see our Sunset item in the Shwedagon Pagoda for inspirations.

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