Places to go in Yangon

Sights in Yangon

Marvel at the beauty of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Sense tranquillity in the Swal Taw Pagoda. At this most random time of the year, you'll probably get splashed. Quiet Lake Inle is the place where visitors can relax after hot, dusty tours through the rest of the country. The most popular activities in Yangon include train tours, night market and boat trips to Dala.

Excursions from Yangon

When you have an additional outing in Yangon, you should venture beyond the boundaries of the town to discover the area. You will see that you do not have to go too far to immerse yourself in rural living, to see important sacred relics or old capital cities. A number of intriguing cities and rides are within a day's reach.

Today it is the major landing stage for many ferryboats up and down the Ayerwaddy to Dhala, which is directly opposite Yangon. It is $2 (one way) for international passengers and will take about 7 mins. The' other side' of the flow is indeed a different one.

While there are some sacred relics, most of the time the lesson is to learn about rural living. Bago, the former capitol of the Kingdom of Mon, is about 80 km from Yangon. Bago is on a good motorway and can take about one to one and a half hours, according to the amount of work.

Htaukkyant Allied War Cemetary, a wonderful memorial to the troops who died in the Second Worid War during the Burma campaign, is on your way to Bago. Buddha Shwethalyaung is one of the most important Buddhist relics - the second biggest in the whole wide body, 55m long and 16m high.

There' s also the bell-shaped stupa of Shwemawdaw Paya, which is dominating the Bago skin and always radiates a gold blow. Guests can inform themselves about the lives of the King's household and the restorative work. Though it is a long excursion, it is possible to get to Kyaikhtiyo (pronounced Chai-tea-Oh), home of the famed Gold Rock, and back in one of the days.

Gold Rock is a stunning landmark - a huge gold rock enthroned on a 1100m high rock. From Yangon (185 km) the journey lasts between three and four hrs, once you have reached the bottom of the hill, you have to change into dedicated lorries that take you up the hill (it is also possible to do this part on foot as well - it lasts about 5 hours).

It' s the belief that Buddha's golden rocks have their own golden rocks to keep them in place. Notice: Only men are permitted to contact the rocks! Only 35 km north of Yangon is Hlawga National Park - a great place to observe birds.

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