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Watch the sunrise over the Shwedagon Pagoda. Walk through China Town. Feel the story in the Sule Pagoda. Feel tiny in Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple. The Kandawgyi Park - walking, relaxing, having a drink.

See the Yangon sights: our top 20 activities in Yangon, Myanmar!

In 48 hrs we headed out to discover the best places of interest in Myanmar's biggest town. An exhilarating blend of gold pagodas, UK architectural style, outdoor kitchen and skyscrapers immediately caught our imagination, making Yangon an obvious stop on Myanmar's tour.

When you plan a trip to Yangon, here is a summary of our attractions and advice as well as some of Yangon uniqueness and weirdness. To watch the sun rise over one of the most popular and prettiest pagodas in the whole wide globe is definitely a special occasion on the Yangon-bucketlist.

Shwedagon is one of the holiest sites of Buddhism and the gilded sidecar sparkles in the sun. It is decorated with thousand of jewels and jewels and a 76 carats stone is the crowning glory of the holy view that surrounds the city. Swedagon nocturnal view, breathtaking! At 999 Shan Noodle there are no chimes and pipes, but the meal is good and the personnel is fun and provides a one-of-a-kind Yangon-fun!

Yangon's China Town is full of markets booths, sidewalk kitchens and barbecues and an evenings walk through 19 nd Strait at Night should be very popular on every Myanmar route. China Town gives a fascinating insight into the lives of some of Yangon's inhabitants and the town' architectural style during the daytime.

Sule Pagoda, 2,500 years old, is the oldest in Yangon and was the site of some of the most significant protest in Myanmar's historical events due to its privileged position. Sight-seeing tip: The lively crossing of the Sule Pagoda made it hard to appreciate it from the roadway.

The Sule Pagoda was our favorite sight from above! Buddha Temple is home to the unbelievable 217 feet lying Buddha, one of the biggest in Myanmar and slightly one of the most amazing we have ever seen: this is probably due to the fact that the face of the Buddha was rebuilt after it was originally seen as too strict.

Buddha detail, from the long lashes to the labeled legs, makes the excursion from Yangon city centre worthwhile. Sight-seeing tip: Don't miss the huge sitting Buddha in the Nga Htat Gyi Pagoda opposite the Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple. You are strongly advised to invest in a travel guide for your Myanmar travel and plans.

When we made our way to the Yangon River, our rider told us to visit the Botatung Pagoda by a mixture of English and a show of hands and we were happy about it. This pagoda, which means "1000 Army Leaders", was appointed in honor of the 1,000 Army Leader who constituted an honor guards to show their respect for the eight Buddha's hairdos that were supplied from India over two thousand years ago.

A holy reliquary of Haarreliquie is preserved in Botatung today, which makes it one of the most venerated pagodas of the town. The Kandawgyi Park is a complete getaway into the bustling activity of the town of Yangon and the sea is the ideal place to experience a Myanmar sundown. It' s amazing to see the locals' families in full action, to see the amazing kite ship on the sea and to see the reflection of the unbelievable Shwedagon Pagoda.

Pagodas are plentiful in Yangon and Kaba Aye was one of our favorites. This round world peace pagoda is quiet and tranquil, with the emphasis on a central piece of Buddha in silvery. Tip for Yangon Sightseeing: You can' t wear your boots in the churches, so please take a purse with you if you want to take yours with you.

While we were a little concerned about the proposal to give some food to some species in a Yangon Lake, we strolled down to the waterside and bought some giant lumps from a landlord. There' s pisces, and then there' s catfishes.... there must be a giggling in Yangon!

While the Shwedagon may be a delicacy at any hour of the morning, the tranquillity of the visit after nightfall is something really notable. It is the holiest Buddhist in Myanmar, as it probably contains the remains of four former Buddhas and is mostly full of worshipers at nigh.

Although Dave disappeared in a black pit while trying to catch a picture (he was fine!), we did love the pagoda's gold glory after nightfall. The Kalaywa Abbey is a convent for young deserted young men and women in Yangon and we attended over 500 nuns and nuns preparing for dinner during the mornings.

Strand Hotel is an Myanmar landmark and is considered one of the best in Yangon. The Maha Wizaya Pagoda is on a small mound, but it could very well have been Everest, which we climbed in the midday solstice! There are two main reason for the ascent: the strange paintings on the top of the cupola and the lovely tortoises in the bottom of the pagoda!

MYANMAR' s locomotives are legend for their rough journeys, common lapses and undue delay, but it's all part of the itinerary! Yangon Circular Railway provides a great way to see the wonderful railway yard itself. Yangon and all of Myanmar have so many stray animals that it is difficult not to be plagued by their hardship.

The Yangon St. meal will titillate your palate! And we couldn't help but hear the call of the flavor of Yangon St. Agrifood. The stalls tasted as good as they smelled, from seafood soup and kebabs to stews, and our tasty bud and stomachs were overjoyed! To get a fantastic glimpse of Yangon, visit Mingalarbar Ballon, a helicopter flight that climbs up to 400 ft over Yangon in good weathers.

Yangon town centre offers unbelievable scenic vistas of Lake Kadawgyi, the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda and a spectacular view of its colorful town. Ballooning at sundown is a true delicacy and for $22 for a 15 to 20-minute flight an outstanding value for money and a great way to see Yangon from the skies.

Twenty floors in the skies, the Thiripyitsaya Ski Bistro offers an awesome panorama view over Yangon from the inner center to the Shewadagon Pagoda that dominates the skin. Our afters were adored with an ice-cold Myanmar beers ( "it's the best!") and the view of the town. The Yangon game! It is no wonder that the pagoda is very strongly represented in our Yangon, as Buddhism is practised by almost 90% of the country's inhabitants.

Although the Yangon inner cities are bleak and almost crumbly in color, they still succeed in conveying their once glorious youth. Between the Strand Hotel and Yangon train stations, the town is struggling to rescue some of its most beautiful attractions. A walk along Botahtaung Bridge in the evenings is a nice way to end a beautiful walk in Yangon and it's a great place to pamper yourself in a place where you can watch.

Hpa-an and the Golden Rock are both great places for daily excursions from Yangon if you have a little while.

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