Places to go in Myanmar

Sights in Myanmar

"The question of many visitors before they start their journey is "Where should the people in Myanmar go". In Myanmar (Burma) where? Burma is a large country with geographically and culturally diverse regions, offering much and more for the curious traveler. Lake Inle in Myanmar is one of the best places in Southeast Asia. Burma still has a bad reputation.

So where do you want the Myanmar population to go?

"Where should the Myanmar population go " is the issue of many travelers before they start their itinerary. Soon we will present you the 5 best places to go when you take your Myanmar tour. It can be seen anywhere in the town, as the sanctuary is made of golden and pure whitemarble.

That'?s why the place looks so bright. It is considered the holiest of all Buddhist places in Myanmar. There is a large, old, meditation sanctuary for those seeking peace and quiet. Inle Lake Myanmar is known as a vast land with the capacity to draw visitors in many ways.

If you travel around Inle Lakes, you will be intrigued and astonished by the peculiar techniques of the native fisherman. You' re soft and quiet on the second biggest in Myanmar. Bagan tour has blossomed recently because the Bagan population wants to come back of great unspoilt nature.

Or you can hire a beautiful ride in a beautiful vehicle to drive along the streets and discover any of the temples. Known as the most beautiful in Myanmar, Ngapali is the perfect place to unwind and unwind. Ngapali Strand is the sandy spot nestled against the high palm groves, bright shadows and blue water of the lovely chalet.

One of Ngapali Beach's most popular outdoor pursuits is swim, boat, cycle or golf. On your way to U Bein you can try to track down the locals, fishers or friars who walk through the longest timber footbridge in the game. The U Bein bridges are 1.5 km long. Then when the darkness sets, the shade of the deck in the hot sunsets is perfecte.

When you want to see the whole construction of the viaduct, you can hire a yacht and paddle in the centre of the canal. You' ll be surprised how the viaduct appears in a fancy under the sundown. You may say that you will not really make the best Myanmar trip without putting yourself in the shoes of the everyday lives of the Myanmar tribe around this timber viaduct.

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