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After a turbulent past, Myanmar is now a peaceful and safe destination. So if you can spend some time in Bangkok before going to Myanmar, I suggest you do so. Burma 2018, 2019 It is not a place for those who prefer to enjoy two weeks of cocktail and massages by the swimming pools, but if you are looking for an immersive travelling adventure, a Myanmar vacation will offer a rich cultural, traditional and impressive landscape, from the mystic plain of Bagan to the majestic Mandalay and shining Yangon panoramas.

It is important to know that Myanmar is undergoing a decisive transformation - a period of societal and policy changes. We' re looking at our Myanmar properties and adventures as thoroughly as we do in our other places, and you'll always get the best there is - it might be a little weird.

If you are a supportive, adventure loving couples, we think a Myanmar wedding voyage is an great option, in the hope of using your upcoming wedding as an apology for the journey of your life (and we will not condemn you for it!). We show you what moves Myanmar..... So what makes Myanmar tick? No.

It' difficult to think of someone friendlier and more inviting than the Myanmar population. So what makes Myanmar tick? No. So what makes Myanmar tick? No. So what makes Myanmar tick? No. So what makes Myanmar tick? No. How does Myanmar work? Don't be amazed if you see Myanmar villagers with reddish coloured teeths - a side effect of munching the betelnuts and tobaccos all the time!

How does Myanmar tick? Burma has the highest proportion of Buddhist friars in the rest of the country, and more than 80% of the country's people are Buddhists. How does Myanmar tick? Experiment this topical way to attract someone's interest - it's more of a suction sound than a kiss-bubble. How does Myanmar tick? How does Myanmar tick?

More than 2,000 sanctuaries are spread across the Bagan plain - a beautiful view, especially at dawn or from the wobbling baskets of a warm-bloon.

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