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Discover Myanmar (Burma) and discover the best time and place to visit. The Audley specialists know the best places in Burma. It' a great time to go on holiday to Myanmar and visit this fascinating country. Burma is one of those places where every picture really tells a story. The majority of Western foreign ministries recommend that travel agencies and citizens do not participate in tourist activities in Burma.

Backpacker's travel guide for Myanmar

Burma's story of isolating and banning tourism means that the land has retained its uniqueness and uniqueness. Until 2012 it was blocked to visitors, so that the influence of the West, which watered down the cultures of many other nations, was not permitted to alter the way of being.

Burma has become a backpackers' hot spot since it opened up to the tourist. Located on the borders with India, China, Laos and Thailand, it fits into any South East Asian travel plan. Naypyidaw, as Myanmar's capitol, would be expected to deal with humans. Vegas-styled big Vegas styled hotel, spacious golfs, chic backyards, shopping centres, zones, huge motorways - everything a town needs to prosper except humans.

They may not see many folks here, but it would be interesting to see what a few billion bucks look like in a genuine Lego world. As in the nineteenth century, Yangon is still a capital of Britain. Yangon and you will be in a local heritage park with local clothes and old Chevy coaches.

You can find a pagoda all over Burma - but here you will find one of the largest and certainly the most honored. Doing one of the best things here is to take an Idyllic Boat Journey up the stream as the sun goes down or, if you have the money, make the most of a ballooning flight over the sanctuaries.

It is a great opportunity to see a different side of Burma than Yangon. When you are travelling from Burma to Thailand, it makes good business to cross Inle Lake. It is a nice area of Burma and a little colder than the remainder of the state.

Local people are living in traditional cabins on the mountainsides, try to get an invitation to a genuine Burma inside world. You' ll have to take a four-hour coach trip from Yangon to get there, and then either a coach trip or a five-hour walk to the summit, but it's definitely rewarding to be standing next to the Golden Rock, which defies gorge.

It is one of the most important places of spirituality in Burma. You' ll need to get your pack here quickly; it's so nice that all visitors will dive before you know it. From Yangon, after a 5-hour trip, you were welcomed by nine leagues of fine sand, wonderful waters and unbelievable views.

Myanmar Ngapali is another fine sandy spot in Myanmar Ngapali Strand, renowned for its pristine and unspoiled nature, lined with palm trees. There is also a lot of biking here and you can go on a bicycle tour to the nearby fishermen's village if you like. Or you can even rent a fishermen' s vessel to discover it.

The Burmese are apparently great and one of the best things in the state. Plane travel takes you to the remotest places in Burma, while traveling by coach takes you there for less. Ziggurats and boots are available in Burma, but can also be a slower way of getting around and are quite untrustworthy.

This is a good opportunity to see the land and mingle with the people. It is not really possible to rent a car in Burma, but you can rent motorcycles. Myanmar is still partially shut down. When you only want to see the major sights, you're all right, but if you want to dive a little further into the land, you need to take a personal trip that is scheduled well in advance. It' a great idea.

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