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However, that said, it is a good place to come if you are looking for jewelry (just use discretion), Burmese clothes and fabrics, souvenirs, works of art or crafts. Pythagorean Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda, near Hpa An. The golden rock on Mount Kyaiktiyo. Myanmar is now a peaceful and safe destination after a turbulent past. Political situation remains unclear outside the central areas.

Myanmar - A travel guide 2018/2019

Myanmar, a land of routine at the top of the list of many peoples, as it has recently been called, has for some considerable amount of times been making a wave in the travelling landscape, luring an ever-growing flow of adventure -seeking travelers to its enigmatic coasts to discover and enjoy the cultural, historical and extraordinary pristine beauties of one of the world's most thrilling tourist attractions.

Ranging from gleaming, gold-plated churches and centuries-old couples to wonderful, sun-drenched shores and the mighty summits of the Himalayas, the countryside has a continental experience within its boundaries. It is a state that has not been changed by the contemporary realm, a state that has developed little since the last beginnings of colonial Britishism in the latter part of the nineteen-forties.

It is this variety of culture, costume and cuisine that makes Myanmar a captivating land, where each group contributes something special to the abundant Gobelin of the world that characterizes this mysterious destination. It is the favourite beverage of the local people, where both greens and blacks of teas are consumed throughout the whole land, sometimes with a shot of evaporated curd.

Myanmar is best visited during the drought, between November and February, when precipitation is at its low point and the weather is almost perfectly warm. Between March and the end of May the sun starts to rise and reaches over 40°C in early June, and for those who can withstand the sun, the land will be calmer during this period.

June-October the south-west moon strikes and many streets become inaccessible, although it is still possible to discover the more advanced areas of Myanmar. Flying is the easiest and most comfortable way to visit Myanmar. Some of the carriers trading on Myanmar's local air transport networks are members of the Myanmar administration and should best be prevented, although the amount of membership is often difficult to assess.

On short trips you can take the roads to the great scenery for which the land is famous and relax with the beautiful Myanmarfolk. Myanmar has an unbelievable selection of thrilling and varied opportunities for travelers. Yangon - or Rangoon as it was formerly called - is the biggest and most important trading centre in Myanmar with more than five million inhabitants.

Known for its gold-plated couples and ornate churches that can be found throughout the town. The most imposing of these monasteries is the Shwedagon Pagoda; a glittering gold cupola constructed more than 2,500 years ago that seems to be dominating the urban sprawl on almost every corner. Further highlights of the main town are the luxuriant green of Kandawgyi Parks, which offers a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the town, as well as some enjoyable strolls around the tree-lined lakes.

Yangon would not be perfect without a stop at the busy Bogyoke Aung San Market. Attempt to schedule a late arrival in Myanmar; it is one of the best places in Myanmar to collect some memorabilia and presents for your loved ones at home.

A half day's ride from Yangon, the legendary Golden Rock is one of Myanmar's holiest places. According to tradition, the Golden Rock is supported by a string of Buddha's golden strands and draws travellers and tourists from all over Myanmar and beyond.

The Belmond Governor's Residence, constructed in the 1920', is located in a top spot in the green embassy district in the centre of the German state. Featuring only 48 luxurious rooms, the resort maintains an intimate atmosphere that reflects the days of colonisation from which it emerged, a real haven in the town.

Bagan, the antique town that was Myanmar's capitol between the eleventh and thirteenth century, is one of the most stunning places in Myanmar. Early in the day, Bagan's four thousand rock tombs - most of which largely stay untouched - emerge from the dry plain on the bank of the Irrawaddy River like a ghostlike appearance, an etheric visions that will certainly stay in the memories of those lucky enough to see them for a long time.

Take your leisure to the city's bustling markets to savour a portion of the city' s vibrant lifestyle and cultural scene, take a hot-air ballooning flight at sunrise for a breathtaking panoramic tour of the city's temples and drive to Mount Popa, one of Myanmar's most holy places, which towers about 2,000 ft from the Irrawaddy floodplain.

Situated on the bank of the Irrawaddy riverbank, this enchanting sanctuary has 76 rooms, some of which have a view of the riverbank, a large indoor and outdoor pools, and a spas that offer an amazing selection of treatment options. Mandalay was the last of Myanmar's capitals.

Established in 1857 and constructed by King Mindon at the base of Mandalay Hill, the town is home to an abundance of elaborate shrines and lavishly adorned peaks. Stroll to the top of Mandalay Hill to see the view over the town, explore the historical sights of Mandalay and explore the nearest U Bein Bridges, which is the longest wooden deck in the word at 1.2km.

Encircled by luxuriant landscaped areas and near Mandalay Palace, this enchanting 25 suite resort offers a delightful mix of Indian-Burmese cooking and is the ideal starting point for discovering one of Myanmar's most beautiful travel spots. The Irrawaddy River stretches 1,300 leagues from the Himalayas in the northern to the Irrawaddy Delta in the southern and is in many ways Myanmar's elixir of life.

Making its way through the heartland of the nation, the riverbank continues to be essential to Myanmar's economic development, and a trip along this rolling, meandering waterside provides a captivating glimpse into the daily lives of those who have lived on its shores for a long time. Float along the currents and enjoy sun downer drinks on board while you enjoy the breathtaking landscape of Centrally Myanmar on the most beloved of the cruises between Bagan and Mandalay.

Mandalay Street, offering five-star services and lodges with some marvelous outings. In addition to the beloved Bagan-Mandalay it is also possible to take a scenic boat trip along the less frequented section of the Mandalay riverbank to Bhamo near the Mandalay China frontier through a row of wooded canyons.

The island has three major cruising lines - Belmond Road to Mandalay, Paukan Cruises and Pandaw River Cruises - offering great cruises through the Irrawaddy and the other major Myanmar creeks. On board an old steamboat, our visitors will travel along calm and picturesque waters while experiencing the comfort of a five-star luxury-house.

Situated in the scenic south Shan State hilly countryside of Myanmar's easterly Myanmar, Inle Lake is a place not to be missed; a place that has some of the most unforgettable memories and beautiful photographic possibilities in the state. When you want to leave the well-trodden paths, a trip to the relaxed city of Kengtung in central Shan State - a part of the Golden Triangle that encompasses parts of northern Thailand and Laos - is an opportunity to discover a rarely seen part of Myanmar and to experience the unparalleled culture of the tribal minorities who live in this outlying area.

Explore some of the many treks, explore the stunning landscape of the area and meet the Akha, Khun, Wa, Palaung, Ann and Lahu people who live in the towns of the magnificent Shan Hills. Situated on the bank of the Nam Lang River in the state of Kachin, Putao is the gate to the Burmese Himalayas, a mysterious land of secluded towns, lush woods and wide mountains that remain intact.

As Yangon and Mandalay continue to fly, the area opens up, becomes more open and yet retains its genuine allure. It is a great place for hiking and biking, exploring the beautiful countryside, visiting the towns and keeping an eyes on the area' magnificent flora and fauna.

Myitkyina, the capitol of Kachin State, is situated near the Irrawaddy and Indawgyi Lake, one of the biggest freshwater ponds in Southeast Asia. It is a longstanding political trade centre and home to a number of different minorities, such as Bamar, Shan and Kachin.

Situated high above the Nam Lang Riviera in the Himalayas, this luxurious spa town is as pretty as the mountainside. All eight rooms are a small chalet with its own wood fire and silken furniture, and the bathroom is covered with shale from the bank of the stream, as is the bath.

Lodge guidebooks take you on guided ice-cold Nam Lang river and hikes into the Putao Valley to see some of the mountain towns. Burma has a stunning shoreline. You' ll come across the destroyed temple of an old empire (there are at least three on Myanmar's western coast) rather than a pub full of drunkards and it's this precious place, certainly in comparison to neighboring Thailand, which distinguishes Myanmar from its rival.

However, it is important to bear in mind that Myanmar seaside resorts can be on the easy side due to relatively young tourists, but the compromise is an opportunity to see some of the least frequented coastline areas of Southeast Asia. Situated in a wonderful setting, this residence has 21 large rooms in the style of country homes, with all the latest conveniences and intimate patios with views of the riverbank or the nearby paddy fields.

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