Places to Eat in Yangon

Cities for eating in Yangon

It is substance about style at the seafood restaurant Min Lann in Kamayut Township, a local favorite. You will be served lobster, fried soft-shell crabs and tiger prawns cooked on an open flame grill. 10 top restaurants in Yangon Myanmar The town is in a state of flux and the grocery industry is flourishing, to say the least. I' ve had so many great meals (and drinks) that I had to split my top 10 places in Yangon. A few years ago you would not have found any ethnical restaurant in Yangon, but now you can try a wide variety of cuisine from this varied state.

I' ve got everything from the most glamourous restaurants and sights in Yangon to tasty, affordable offers and an insiders' tip. In Myanmar, I quickly moved from complete ignorance of what it is like to eat to the realization that it is one of the many causes of Myanmar's loving! Serving Anya Ahta dishes from Myanmar's main dining area, Anya Ahta is on the first level of an unrenovated thirty-seventh street former royal palace with high ceiling and stunning artwork on the wall.

Yangon's owner (a nice guy named Aung Soe Min) really made it right that this is the kind of place that both local people and tourists like. It was really different from anything I had tried in the countryside. Shan Cuisine (Nawaday St, Dagon) has so many tasty meals that I was happy to eat there as part of a large group so I could try many things!

It is a modest little eatery with very low rates, which is rightly well-loved. Meals from the state of Shan offer delicious lettuce, curry, noodles and stifrieze and it's astonishing. The Rangoon Tea House (77-79 Pansodan St, Kyauktada Township), another nicely refurbished farmhouse, serves delicious Myanmar cuisine.

Tasty mashed seafood (traditional soup with noodles), steamsas, rakine curries and pigbas. Neither is exactly like road meals, but if you are not courageous enough to eat on the streets, this is the ideal way to enjoy a vibrant ambience with good people. They do not always want to eat more than a few nights in a town and sometimes yearn for something really sane.

The Yangon Yogastudio is connected to the Yangon Yogastudio (36/38A Alan Pya Pagoda Road, Yankin Township), the first fully English-speaking yogastudio in the town. It is a small café in Dagon Township with great coffees and the kind of cake and biscuits you won't find anywhere else in Yangon.

It' the newest and most glamourous of Yangon's roof bar. Actually, I could have been pardoned that I would have been transferred to New York City if it hadn't been for the gold glint of the Swedish pagoda over my companion's shoulders. This penthouse serves exquisite coctails and premium West European cuisine ranging from Chinese mussels to burger at a West coast fare.

In Yangon, if you have a chic dinner, let it be at L'Opera, located in the most beautiful villa on the shore of Lake Inya. The unimaginably romantically scenery alone is definitely rewarding, but even the genuine taste of traditional Italien cuisine is a delight for the taste buds.

is an upscale restuarant in one of the few left in Yangon's inner city teeny villas (most of which have been torn down for housing in recent decades). There is a tasty selection of cuisine. A further imposingly graceful lake side cafeteria, where you can prepare your lunches on the patio, in the stylish dinning room or for your dinners in the cafe.

The Planteur (80 University Avenue, Bahan Township) was founded by the expatriate Boris Granges, who used to be head cook at L'Opera, but refurbished this former royal house and opened it in 1998. That' my only tip for going out without dinner in Yangon. It' on an average motel (just walk into the elevator of the Alfa in Nawaday St. 41, Dagon Township) and has a few desks and a man seated behind a row of top shelving canteens.

However, the view of the Yangon ski area with its gold pagoda is outstanding, the atmosphere is relaxed and the cheap. Spend your leisure in Myanmar with my top 10 places to eat (and drink) in Yangon! Do you have any referrals for restaurants in Yangon?

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