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Kayah state capital Loikaw is one of the least visited but more picturesque places we have found in Burma. Ye, little Myanmar Sometimes I want to talk to them (tourists) just to have a chat and practise my English. There was no reply from us (the tourists). When I visit you now, it seems to be a place of disarmament of ingenuity. The Ye is open only to foreign nationals for two years, since 2013.

While there are still some places in the whole of Myanmar where aliens cannot go, most of Myanmar has been open a few years longer.

Until recently, the pre-armistice armistice dispute banned this area for foreign nationals. We were one of the first westerner and travellers the locals saw. There are so many Ye visitors now, I've seen 100 this year," Myint Thi Ha, who is also one of the few Ye speakers, said.

The Ye is a small city located between Mawlamyine and Dawei, on the long coastline in the south of Myanmar. While the coastline of South Burma is becoming a touristy hot spot, Ye is not really the place where tourists are supposed to come. where among the Myanmar people's reaction as we unfurled our plan to pay a call on Ye.

No big touristic attraction (read: the beach is not enough white) in Ye, so why on earth should we go there? Ye's folks even tend to ignore her beautiful little city. When we arrived in Ye, we asked some local residents about the sights. This is a hotspot in Ye, ha ha ha!?

Without expecting to see much more than anticipated, a great guest house, but above all nice folks got things moving (next to the big wheels at the Ye trade show, of course). Though a hundred foreign visitors may seem like a large number, it is only a small percentage of all visitors to Myanmar in general and to the southern hemisphere in particular.

Nevertheless, the Ye folks gave us a really great time and the thought that they were lucky to visit their city with us. Yeah, I suppose that would fit the image of an'untouched' place. Until now, some Myanmar travelers have relied on us to regard Myanmar as an "untouched" or "untouched" area.

The idea of virginity, that some humans have a connection between the touristically seen beauties of the land, even its (still) very kind humans, and that Myanmar has been isolated from the outside worlds for centuries, thus not yet had a large influx of visitors. We, the visitors, are still one of the first to come to Myanmar.

This way we can go to Myanmar before it is destroyed by an wicked power of westerly. And if ye were uncorrupted at that particular moment, what about its story? How about the'visitors' who invaded Myanmar almost two hundred years ago? During the colonisation there were many Westerners, Indians and many other nations and ethnic groups in Myanmar.

Has Myanmar been spoilt for 200 years? What about Myanmar's army regimes, which we in the West have called'evil' and which Myanmar has reigned for so long. This is not only because of the fact that people from abroad are coming to the village now, but above all because of the opening of the area.

Well, you know, folks can start talking now. Up until two years ago, there was no access to the web. We had to find Wi-Fi, now the web is simple. Expanding tourist activity is one of the new conditions facing Ye and all of Myanmar. There will be more visitors to Ye, maybe 200 next years.

It' still not much, but it's a great deal for the Ye folks. There' s some kind of creature in the mind untouched. If''unspoiled'' is seen as a place positively, it is egotistical to go there. If it were the truth that a place is untouched because there were no visitors, the visitors spoil it because they are there.

YE's men give us a very good picture of themselves, but what picture do we have? As in the case of Myint Thi Ha, who wants to practise his English with travellers but doesn't get an answer. Well, why wouldn't a traveler speak to him? However, his tale says that as a visitor I always have a sense of liability when I visit a place.

  • Ye is a nice city and now open to visitors. But it is not untouched, it just has to deal with a new fact, the tourism. Tourism also has a liability. The family we lived with was a host family on the shore of a wonderful pond in the city.

Our guest house is run by a kind and supportive team. There is a wonderful panoramic balcony overlooking the lakes. Guest house assisted us to organize a tour leader and a rollercoaster. On a side highway leading south from the highway to the city, to the northern side of the city, there is an imposing four-sided Buddha statue/building.

When it is open, you can ascend the path to take a look at the nearby jungles and maybe see the kind, fleecy ape that lives in the school. Look out for the not so kind apes there.

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