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Sights in Myanmar

The Sule Pagoda is often overlooked by tourists, but it should play a role in your travels in Myanmar, as it is one of the only sights in this part of Yangon. The Dawei is located in the Taninthayi Division, southeast of Myanmar. There are a number of beautiful attractions that you can visit as part of an excursion and one of the great attractions is the variety of sights on offer.

Visiting Mawlamyine (Moulmein) in Burma (Myanmar)

They are looking for genuine ways to get to know the places that could make up your journey. This activity reflects some of the most enjoyable experience they had when they visited Moulmein, using the best locals' guide. On your personal itinerary you will discover all the important sights and places that will give you a general feeling for the city and its people.

On the way you will see some of the most important monasteries, such as the Seine Don Convent and the Picot, a small square and a local foodhop.

destinations in East Myanmar, Myanmar (Burma)

One of Myanmar's most expected goals is the Inle Lake area, and all the frenzy is warranted. Imagine a huge, calm sea - 13.5m long and 7m broad - lined with swamps and swimming pools, where stilts houses and buddhistic churches tower above the sea and Intha fishermen push their craft through their unparalleled technology of growing legs.

At Scruffy, Busy Nyaungshwe (????????) is the primary gateway to Inle lake. Situated at the north end of the sea, the ancient Shan Empire was once the capitol (the former Saaphas residence (princes of heaven) that reigned here is now a museum). Situated on a hill, Taunggyi (????????) is the capitol of Shan State and by far the largest municipality in the east of Myanmar.

Taunggyi is a multi-cultural city with a large number of Shan people and important Chinese, Moslem and Chinese Congregations. It is the heart of the Golden Triangle, where the manufacture of illegal narcotics - opioum, heroine and methamphetamine - has continued to thrive and where rebellious forces have been fighting for their own states since Myanmar achieved sovereignty in 1948.

Kyaingtong (??????????), also known as Kengtung, is one of the most beautiful places in Myanmar. Kyaingtong is nearer to the mountain villages of the north of Thailand in terms of history and looks than other Shan states. Loikaw, the capitol of Kayah State (???????????) is a small, flat city on the Pilu River, ruled by the mountain side of Taung Kwe Zayde.

Loikaw's stuffy roads are a nice way to get acquainted with small towns in Kayah State, but the village is really a starting point for excursions into the scenery and towns that relatively few people see. Myanmar's smallest state, Myanmar's state, is the place to see the amazing variety of a nation with as many as 135 nationalities.

Nearly every Nyaungshwe guest goes on a cruise on theĀ Inlesee. However, the sea is so big and the towns and the temple so scattered that Inle never is overfilled. Besides the touristic attractions, the Inle-See also accommodates many high-end hotel establishments, which line the lakeside and often have rooms or cabins directly above the waters.

One of Myanmar?s most built-up areas is the sleepiest Pindaya (??????) - at first sight the patches of meadows and hedgerows could almost be a scenery from CEE. However, it is the towns of Danu, Palaung and Pa-O and not the Pindaya farmhouses that attract travelers to hike through less frequented areas than elsewhere in Shan State.

Situated on the frontier with China, Mong La (??????????) is part of Myanmar's Special Region 4, a largely autonomic area under the control of the Shan National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA), which has long been charged with participating in illegal drugs trafficking. Because you were on a cruise doesn't mean you're done with Inle Lake.

Scenery surrounding the waters is also noteworth a stop and a half-day bike ride from Nyaungshwe to Khaung Daing (?????????????), an Intha hamlet on the north-western edge of the beautiful lagoon, is an simple and rewarding way to do it. It is the crossroads of the Mandalay-Yangon line and the Shan State line, and is also the place where Yangon-Mandalay Hwy busses from Yangon or Mandalay leave for Shan State and Inle Lake.

2478 Stupa in Kakku is one of the most notable attractions in Shan State. Opposite the Thai boarder Mae Sai lies Tachileik (?????????), a bustling, powdery dockland.

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