Places of interest in Yangon Myanmar

Places of interest in Yangon Myanmar

Teahouses in Yangon are simply an institution. They are really the best places to visit when travelling to Yangon, Myanmar. Buildings, sacral and religious sites, sights and attractions. Finally, one of my favorite places in all of Yangon. Are you looking for fun activities in Yangon, Myanmar?

Visiting the Golden Shwedagon Pagoda of Yangon, Myanmar

I read something before my first trip to Yangon to find out what the main sights of the town are. At the beginning it was quite clear that Yangon itself differed from many other towns in respect of mega-attractions, theme playgrounds and restaurants.

However, my first quest revealed that the Shwedagon Pagoda is regarded by many as the place of worship for visitors to the town. Immediately I resolved that I would do my best to include it in my route while I was in Myanmar (Burma). For over 10 years we have been relying on these 3 accommodations.

As Shwedagon is about 10 min drive from Yangon town centre, I had to decide whether I wanted to stay near Shwedagon or in the centre of the town. After much thought, I decided to go to town. On my second visit to Yangon it was visiting the same set that added distinctive gold tones to Burma's postcard collection.

When I was dumped at Shwedagon Paya (Pagoda) from Aung Sang Market, the taximeter was no more than $3. Immediately as I got out of the taxicab, I saw a long roofed stairway that led up Singuttara Hill to the area. There was a constant stream of worshipers, friars and visitors in both sides, carrying colourful swords.

These are the clothing regulations for Myanmar Buddha Schools. When I went up the stairs, I asked myself what my first glance at the pit stop would be like. Because Shwedagon allows the use of a camera, I couldn't help but catch the reassuring ambience around me. An uninterrupted flow of humans went slow around the Paya in the traditional cuckoo.

From time to time the tourist stopped to take pictures of the complicated drafts and the siblings. When I got to the back of the building, the number of spectators seated on the flawless tile floors rose significantly - and for good reasons. With the setting sundown, the gold shwedagon reflects the lights of the evening and created one of the most photographic landscapes I have seen in Burma.

Whilst the glare of the nature's solar radiation is gradually diminishing, the impressive illumination of the facility itself begins to brighten the crisp gold crests. Recording the passage from and about Shwedagon was really an adventure to be remembered. After the skies turned from turquoise to blackened, several hundred persons stayed in the area.

Besides the sightseeing I had in Shwedagon, I was also fascinated by the natives and their tangible expression of belief. So I saw middle-aged men, wives, nice old people and even kids choosing their own little room around the pit and saying their prayers. Shwedagon may be a breathtaking destination worth photographing for a tourist like myself.

However, for the Myanmarites it is the holiest Buddhist site they have ever visited. To see and pray in Shwedagon is a life longing for the Burmese. When I had made a second round around the Shwedagon compound, I knew it was back to Yangon city centre.

When I unpacked my cassock and put my boots back on, I took a last look at one of Myanmar's most precious gems. In the last five years the number of overnight accommodations in Yangon has soared. Of course, this is a good thing for the tourist, as increasing competitive pressure will usually result in higher levels of services.

While we were totally happy with the choice of rooms, I will also be sharing some of the pages we have used over the years that might work for you: Featuring the widest choice of rooms in Yangon, this is the obvious choice for many visitors to the town. They had almost 300 homes in Yangon at the moment of the letter.

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