Places of interest in Taunggyi

Places of interest in Taunggyi

Taunggyi sightseeing guide. Taunggyi's main worship place for Roman Catholics. Vojvodina is considered an old town and the inhabitants are mainly Shan and Pa-O. Taunggyi area is a popular destination. Upon your arrival in Kakku, you will visit the ruined temples.

Places of interest in Taunggyi

The Inle Lake fishers have evolved the skill of paddling with one foot while operating the net by foot. Usually the highest concentrations of fishers on Lake Inle occur near the entry to the Nyaunshwe Canal: the Nyaunshwe Canal: Also on the western shore of Lake Inle there are many fishers.

The fisherman of Inle Lake use various angling methods. Most important in this place are the humans and their way of living in the sea and how they use its indigenous habitats. You can find this swimming fair in the Ywana Sea. It' not really a buoyant but a small continental fair where all suppliers come in boats.

It is interesting that in this small town there are many females of different ethnical groups who sell goods. The Phaung Daw Oo is the most important of the pagodas on Inle Lake and you have to take a ferry to get there. It is only men who have the right to touching the statue, and a woman can only see the pictures, which are between nine and eighteen-inch high.

Since they are made of massive golden, the pictures are very difficult. The Buddha pictures of King Alaungsithu are generally thought to have been taken to Lake Inle. Nyaung Shwe Inle Lake is open on Mondays. It is a rather large square, with marquees that covers it and the narrow corridors gives it a more comfortable feeling.

There is a 9 o'clock square. You should begin there. They come from all over the sea to buy goods on the markets, from dry seafood and seasonings to fruits and veggies, teas, peanut oils, rices and many other things.

Indein is the town of Inle Lake North. It' a characteristic Myanmar town with its major stream, stores and remains. Today, the population lives from agriculture and touring. Scenery and the colorful population. It' a delight to go around its edges, to see the stream, to see how humans are washing and bathing, as well as to drink a cup of coffee in one of the many pubs with a view of the canal.

I' m post some photos of the folks and a tape that I really hopefully you will like. Right behind the Yadana Man Aung Paya pit in Nyaung Shwe is an old timber house that looks abandoned, which would go totally undetected without the volley ball matches that take place between 12:15 and 13:15 on most dates.

It has never been used for this aim and has become a pavillion where volley ball competitions for local footballers take place and where high quality spectators are playing every team. You can see all around the pool when playing the game. Unfortunately, it is not possible for visitors to use the ferries connecting points on the islands with the continent in Inle lake.

It is one of the most interesting itineraries between the population and Kaundaing Nyaung Shwe in Inle Lake. Explore abbeys off the beaten track and observe live on the canal. Nyaungshwe is a city that has expanded significantly with the growth of Inle Lake travel, one of the most attractive places in Myanmar, and has backpacking facilities and facilities such as guest houses, bicycle hire and cafe facilities.

Nyaungshwe itself has little interest, except for a Buddha devoted to the city, but I only need a lively and genuine fair to be content, and Nyaungshwe has one, I sit down to have lunch and make signposts for what I wanted, everyone laughed at my efforts to try the words in Burmese, and in the end, of course, the meal and drinks, tears were 50¬Ęs.

Not on the Nyaungshwe but 3 km away through a bustling canal, and when one enters the sea, one sees pictures typically of fishers in their small canoes.

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