Places of interest in Myanmar

Places of interest in Myanmar

The dawn falls over the temple level. Explore the most important sights in Myanmar: Rangoun, Mandalay, Bagan, Amarapura, Sagaing, Mount Popa, Lac Inle, Ngapali Beach, etc. Sights in Myanmar, Tourist Places in Myanmar, Sights in Myanmar, Tourist Sights in Myanmar, Popular Destinations in Myanmar. It is the second most important archaeological site in Burma. Sights & Activities.

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Ayeyarwaddy is the most important and powerful flow of Myanmar's lifeblood in the Union and has existed for at least (15) million years, and there is undeniable geological, biological and anthropological proof of its spring in northern Burma. This useful flow, also known as the "Elephant River" because of its wide width and length, serves the interests of many Myanmar tribes in many ways until it enters the Gulf of Mottama, after crossing more than half of the land for about (1055) a mile.

Kachin State, the northernmost in the Union of Myanmar, where the Ayeyarwaddy originates, has many interesting geological characteristics. Here one of the springs of the Ayeyarwaddy called "Malikha" assumes the shape of a creek. One of the special characteristics of the Ma-Li-Kha is that it flows around the Kaung Mu Lon Pagoda, which was constructed by King Asoka around " 300" B.C. as if to pay tribute to it.

The other spring of the Ayeyarwaddy - named "MayKha" - has its origin at the base of the highest peak in Myanmar, the (5881) meter high "Khaka Borazi". In fact, the two rivers "Adoon Wan" and "Sein Khoo Wan" join to create the MayKha.

As the MayKha has to run over very rugged and precipitous ground, of course it has a rapid stream. The MayKha' s state of nature, however, provides the actual velocity for the Ayeyarwaddy to continue flowing. A further notable geographic importance is that not only the primordial spring of the Ayeyarwaddy, but also the springs of the streams such as Brahmaputra, Nujung (or) top of Thanlwin.

With over 10,000 ft high peaks, the triangle area between the two streams, known as Sha Ngaw, becomes the divide between MayKha and Malikha. The Malikha riverbank with its spring in Mali-khoo-khon-naw' area has been flowing very smoothly over 150 nautical mile until it crossed the MayKha riverbank, which has its spring in " Augon laung" area and has been flowing at very high velocity over 220 mile.

Exactly where the powerful Ayeyarwaddy was created by these two streams lies at 25 degree 42 min north latitude and 97 degree 30 min east longitude, at an altitude of about (500) ft above sealevel and about (29) mile from the state' s capitol of Kachin, Myitkyina. The width of May Kha (or) "Inmaikha" at the point of junction is over 300 tract and May Li Kha over 300 tract.

Descending the Ayeyarwaddy from the junction of the MayKha and Malikha River, one passes a scenic place named "Karein-naw" or "Karein-Sarra". It is also a welcoming place for those who approach the Kachin state city. Ayeyarwaddy or the Mighty River offers the Myanmar population a beautiful landscape, many amenities and riches all along its way to the seas.

The state of Cachin in the north of Myanmar is the birth place of the Ayeyarwaddy Rivier. Myitkyina is an elevated area on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy rivier. There is farmland and garden along the Ayeyarwaddy rivulet. Along the Ayeyarwaddy there are groups of individuals looking for bullion.

Twenty-eight leagues from Myitkyina is the birth place of the Ayeyarwaddy (or the MayKha and Malika confluence). Coming from the snowy hills in the northern part, the waters are clear and chilly and those who see the nice pebble stones along the riverbank cannot withstand to pick them up. Kachin State is known as a place to rest and unwind because of the stunning scenery and scenery at the point of junction.

Inndawgyi, in the municipality of Moenyin, is another interesting place in the state of Kachin. It' the largest in Myanmar and the Inndawgyi Nature Reserve. The Shwe Myintzu Pagoda in Indawgyi Sea is well known in Kachin State. It is 218 kilometers from Myitkyina and can only be reached by plane.

You will find the Mulashidi hanging gantry about 7 nautical mile away, which is being constructed across the river Mula. Kyakaborazi Hill in Kachin State in Myanmar is the highest and most scenic hill in Southeast Asia. This is a pictorial and one-of-a-kind area where the Ayeyarwaddy River flows into.

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