Places of interest in Myanmar

Places of interest in Myanmar

Concretely you will have the feeling that this place is a land of myths, through the fog that covers the city in the morning. Some of the most beautiful places and sights in (or near) Myanmar. It' one of the most popular Buddha sites in Yangon. Availability and good prices for guest houses in Yangon, Myanmar. Sites of interest in and around Yangon Myanmar Forum.

Sights in Myanmar - Overview of all sights

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Sights in and around Yangon, Myanmar Forums

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Myanmar Other Sights

Myanmar's most famous seaside resorts offer visitors pristine sandy unspoilt sandy shores with coir as far as the eyes can see. It' the best place for sun bathing and relaxation like walks on the sea, biking and so on. The Ngapali is a three kilometre long sandy stretch from the Ngapali town as far as Gyeiktaw.

The Ngapali is 35 minute fly from Yangon. Long-distance, 14 hours ride on the small curvy Rakhine Yoma highway after traversing the Ayeyarwaddy River at Pyay (Prome). The Chaungtha Beaches is located just south of Pathein (Bassein on the Bay of Bengal). It' a redeveloped Ayeyarwaddy Division strand.

People can count the number of tourists to Myanmar before they finish their journey. It is mainly visited by locals as there are many of them. It is therefore recommendable for those who want to savour the beach. The beach is 40 km from Pathein (Bassein) in the Ayeyarwaddy Division.

The journey from Yangon via Pathein to Chaung-Thar is about 5h. Along the shore there are bungalows equipped with the latest comforts. It' a new opened sandy area about 48 km from Pathein, an unspoiled sandy area of 15 km of clear and clear water. Innumerable smaller and bigger affluents connect the wide and fruitful Ayeyarwaddy Delta; it is an perfect area for growing rices.

As the newest up-and-coming seaside resort in Myanmar, Ngwe Saung is a gem for travellers looking for peace, sea and quiet. It is an irresistable tourist magnet with its mudless, clay-free sand beaches, clear and clear sea water, the beautiful surrounding islets and the row of palms.

You can reach Ngwe Saung by plane from the capitol Yangon in about sevenh. This trip leads on a partially rough and perforated street through the floodplain of the Ayeyarwaddy Delta. Alternatively to the street trip it is now possible to go by ferry from Yangon to the Pathein, a 16 hour drive through scenic landscapes, past farms and characteristic towns along the river bank.

Information about the cruise can be found on the cruise trails. During the UK period, overseas trading along the coastline flourished. There' is a unique Rakhine turn in Myanmar's off-the-shelf crop, which involves the pleasure of plenty of flavorful foods and colorful attire. From Sittway, Mrauk U can be reached by a very comfortable 4 hour cruise along the canal.

When you are out and about in winters, you can see migratory water fowl, goose and so on. It was hard to get to this area about ten years ago, but now it is quite advanced to go to Mrauk-U. Yangon has regular departures to Sittway, the capitol of the state of Rakhine.

From Sittway to Mrauk-U it takes about 4 hours by ferry on the Kaladan River. Concerning accommodation, there are only very basic inns, so this trip is only suited for adventuresome guests. Ć½Kyaingtong Kong Tong is known for its beautiful landscape and many colourful people.

Around Kyaing Tong there are many towns of different ethnical groups. You can see their traditional dancing and their way of life in these mountain areas around Kyaing Tong. It is possible to go directly from Heho to Kyaing Tong in 1h. Kyaing Tong is 3 hours from Tachileik, which leads to the Thai-Boarder.

Inle Lake-Kyaing Tong has not yet improved and is off the beaten track. Kyaing Tong can be a good place to visit during the wet seasons. From Yangon or Heho or Mandalay the route can begin and we suggest a 2 to 3 night sojourn.

Travelling involves a trek to the local tribes and therefore you must be in good shape. Though an excursion to Kyaing Tong must be considered an adventurous one, the area is of great interest to those who want to experience a different side of Myanmar. myitkyinaIt is the northernmost railroad station, 919-mile from Yangon and 487-mile from Mandalay.

Ayeyarwady, the most useful stream in Myanmar, rises from this junction and runs 1325 leagues to the muzzle. The Myitkyina can only be accessed from Yangon with Myanmar Airways and takes 2 www.myitkyina 2 hour via Mandalay and the flight is uneven. You can reach it by rail from Mandalay and it takes 26h.

Suspended footbridges are the most common crossings in this area. This is the closest city to the Khakhaborazi basecamp (5889 meters), the highest peak in Myanmar and Southeast Asia. The Putao is the departure point for Myanmar's most adventure hiking adventure. Myitkyina is about 30 min by plane and only Myanmar Airways is available.

An enchanting place, it is the capitol of Mon State and lies at the confluence of the Thanlwin and Mon State Rivers. It is 28 leagues from the ocean and is Myanmar's third biggest metropolis. You can make a nice cruise from Pa-An, but not recommendable due to the irregularities of the itinerary.

We are 299 km, 10 hour ride and 18 hour by Yangonrain. Some 60 kilometers southwards of Mawlamyine, Thanbyuzayat is the counterpart to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's operated Riversides. Myanmar also has many other places of interest, such as Mawlamyaing (Moulmein), Lashio, Myitkyina, Monywa, etc.

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