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Locations to visit Ngapali Beach Myanmar, with local fishing boats. Discover the places to go on your Burma adventures. Plan your tailor-made vacation in Burma. You tell us what you want and we will make your journey for you. Flying time: Flying times are at least 14hrs.

Minimum 6 month after the end of the journey and with a lot of space for entrance and departure stamp.

Myanmar: Is there a place for succesful tourist growth?

Myanmar: Is there a place for succesful tourist growth? Since this document raises obstacles to tourist growth that may act as obstacles that prevent travelers to Myanmar, this document comes under Part Four - Rejected Tourism: Limiting the vacation. Burma is a growing country in Southeast Asia, known around the world for its unstable politics and violations of people.

Nevertheless, Myanmar is expected to have great growth potentials for the country's future growth in terms of tourists, with the opportunity to expand the number of tourists' destinations by at least 400%. It will only be possible, however, if the present administration is either superseded by a democracy or changes its policy.

The perception of a stable and secure policy is a precondition for visiting and even a minor risk can cause a change in the way travelers use it. Simultaneously, it is generally accepted that there is a high level of resilience towards policy developments and should not be seen only in a bad perspective; industries try to become established (or re-establish) when better conditions are experienced.

Myanmar suffered one of the most deadly hurricanes in 2008, while the main communicable disease in Myanmar is insecticide, TB and HIV, but in 2009 only 2% of GDP was devoted to the poor. Henderson, J.C. (2011) Tourism Development and Politics in the Philippines. For International Multidisciplinary Journal of Tourism[online] 6(2) pp. 159-173[accessed 2 May 2012].

Mintle ("Mintel", 2010) Travel and Tourism: Burma [online] London: Search for a relevant political risk paradigm and model for tourist organisations[online]. Myanmar: Is there a place for succesful tourist growth? The document deals with both the good and the evil in Burma and tries to compensate for them well.

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