Pixie Bob Short Hair

PIXI BOB Short Hair

When you' re looking for a short hairstyle with longer pieces at the front and inflated layers at the back, you'll love these ingenious stacked bob hairstyles. Her first step could be a shoulder-length bob. But if that's still too risky, try a mock bob or look at your picture with short hair in the computer animation. It is a combination of a bob and a short fairy. The Pixie Bob will not make you worry about your hair being too short.

Fifty+ pixies we adore for 2018

Lightening the ends and letting deep sounds at the roots, Kate Hudson gives her ragged fairy tonnes of sizzle. In the case of shorter haired products, everything revolves around the detail. See this slim side panel and the vintage-inspired Spit-Curl on Janelle Monae. The length at the front gives this fairy on Cara Delegation a traditional female form, while the Platin tone and the small back bring her to a funky, punk place.

It is a shadowy, ultra-shorty fairy that provides the ideal setting to show Rose McGowan's face. In a few moments Tilda Swinton's long-on-top look transforms her elf from a slim back incision into a brief bobsled thigh. Michelle Williams took her pixie signature cutting her hair and blond, with whispy blasts brushing along her brow.

Longer, structured chunks in front of the ear give Zoe Kravitz's brief, chunky harvest a hint of softeness. For about a whole weekend Katy Perry sliced her bobsled into this mix elf haircut, then it went on and shave the top, too. Strategical design gives Danai Gurira's Ponie a beautiful, updo-esque form, minus the real one.

Trend-setter Zendaya shows that fairy slices are and remain there again. Charming for girls, try a hairy pixel like Audrey Tautou's classical music. The actress Karen Gillian shows the right sense of elegance with her contorted top. Twiggy's model's timeless eye would not be completely without her deeply divided snout. Maria Borges model shows that the most simple fit is sometimes the most beautiful.

The actress Evan Rachel Wood is playing with length and colour in her fairy. Linda Evangelista's model pink rug PIXI is #hairgoals. Kate Moss is playing with springy fringes. The actress Kate Mara's low side fairy can grow up with lightness. Charlize Theron's smooth blond colour perfectly matches her graceful, brief colour.

The actress Audrey Hepburn, the elf's king, shows that wearing pony haircuts is always a good notion. Agyness Deyn makes her platinehair chunky, for a turn in her classical look. With her texturized curls and stylish side parts, Nicole Richie does Shorthair Skirt and Fur.

All Tavi Gevinson keeps her dull blasts playing with paint on her face. The actress Kiera Knightley goes all cool-girl with texturized pony and brief shifts. The Ruth Bell model makes a case for buzzing Platin. The actress Ruby Rose is adding gentle ripples to her long coat to give it a little more volum.

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