Pixie Bob Short Hair

PIXI BOB Short Hair

With a Pixie Bob you don't have to worry about your hair being too short. An elf can scare some people, but a bob is not that short. So, you took the plunge and made a dramatic short haircut. I' ve had some kind of elf for two years now.

Shortpixie Cuts for 2018 - Everything you need to know about a pixie cut

This is a female hairstyle from about half an inches to 3 inches long.

Fairies can also caress a long face.

Carrying the fairy in wave form or with a side part can also help.

The long elf is certainly the latest thing.

When you walk too little, you should blush while you're at it!

It is not your only choice.

There' not much of that bobsled on your face.

How is that for nervous?

Unbalanced shorthair styles are interesting and quite easy to draw.

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