Pink Spinel

Rosa Spinel

Spinels come in a variety of colors, but the commercially most important are red and pink. Spiral is a gemstone that finally gets the recognition it deserves. Spinel is a single refractive gem that can be red, pink, blue, colorless and purple. Natural Pink Spinel Gemstones for sale online: Rosa Spinel is one of the most valuable spinel colours.

Spinell quality factors

Spinell is usually very popular with gemstone experts and well-formed spinel crystal is very popular with gatherers. Spinel comes in a wide range of colours, but the most important commercial colours are pink and pink. Mauve or purple spinel is also appealing, and some deep shades of spinel may be deep-inked.

The commercial spinel colours of the colours pink, violet and pink are important. Certain spinel colours are less common and more precious than others. Generally, the most sought-after is spinell in pink, followed by finely crafted spinel in color and then by bright pink and bright oranges. Violet- and blueish violet to violet, or violet, rocks have a tendency to be less appealing and less in popularity than other, less common colours.

Spinels can be found in intensive pink to reddish to violet colours. Spinel reds range from orange-red to crimson, with tones of crimson to light crimson from mids to off. One 5ct. high grade spinel could be sold for about a 10th of the cost of an equal lot of rubies, and pink spinel often sold for less than pink saphire.

Spinell has made a name for itself in recent years and the need for delicate stone far surpasses the available one. Indeed, spinel is in great demand among gemmologists and gemstone experts. To a certain extent, this has filled the pricing chasm between spinel and jewels and saphire. The shades of spinel vary from purple to very light green.

The majority of bricks have a low level of satiety and the blues appear clearly grey. These are the best and most precious spinel colours alongside the deep purple to purple clear colours, which are neither too deep nor too bright. Clearness Spinel with no visual inclusion is more precious than spinel with visual inclusion.

If there are more trapped particles the value decreases. Spinell without conspicuous pockets is very much appreciated. Well placed entrapments can cause the spinel to have a stellar effect. Spinel can have some very nice entrapments that mirror the common oktahedral crystalline structure of the gemstone. That spinel image has the look of a skullprint.

Spinels are available in a wide range of forms and cuts. Due to the shortage of spinel on the open air markets, the finest raw material is not sliced into regular size to reduce bulk, but into industrial standards. As a rule, the bricks ground or calibratet are ground oval, usually in the size 6×4 mm and 7×5 mm, suited for central bricks in coils.

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