Pindaya Inle Inn

Centenary Inn Pindaya Inle

Inle Resort is a group of wicker bungalows and brick chalets. Simple but clear - Review of Pindaya Inle Inn, Pindaya, Myanmar Overnight at the Pindaya Inle Inn during a bike ride through Myanmar. At one side of the cot there was a small work table (which served as a bedside table) and a highchair. There was a large bedside table on the other side of the cot. It had many vents and washbottles.

There was a bathroom in the room, but there was a wall to keep the pool out. Warm waters arrived in about two mins. All we had was the web. There are other reports from guests about the real estate that point to persistent web issues. I was a networking technician in another lifetime, so I looked at the Pindaya Inle Inn adjustments made to my notebook.

I have made, Windows allows the user to overwrite the preferences I made. Maybe the Pindaya Inle will be reading this article and calling their networks to correct the state.

Nyaung Shwe, Inle Inn - Update in 2018

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