When you say pindaya, everyone will see the limestone caves and thousands of pagodas. The Pindaya Township is located in the Taunggyi District in Shan State in Burma. The Pindaya is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma. Pindaya Cave in central Burma is an important Buddhist place of pilgrimage. In Pindaya your journey begins with a trip to the picturesque Shan.

Best sights in Pindaya

When you say pindaya, everyone will see the lime stone caverns and thousand of them. The Pindaya is situated in the south of Shan State. It' s just a small city that is loved by tourists like Kalaw, Taung Gyi and Inle from Shan State. Actually, Pindaya has many touristic places. Therefore I would like to name some of the top locations you should see in Pindaya.

The Shwe Oo Min is the most important touristic destination in Pindaya. The Pindaya den is what most folks call it. It is situated on a hill one kilometre southwest of the town of Pindaya. Total length of the cavern is about 490ft. You will be chilly as long as you walk into the caves and you will see the more than 8000 Buddha statues in various forms and dimensions that have existed since the 11th World War.

Pagoda Shit Thaung Lay is a place not to be missed in Pindaya. This is another Gothic style adorned with 84000 small gothic plates. There' s another place you have to go to in Pindaya. It' very near the Shwe Oo Min Cave.

Lovely verdant pond broad 81,12 range. It has the legends, stories and stories that contain seven angles and the romance in it. that it actually did happen in this verdant pond. When you have the plans to visit the Shan State, I suggest you also visit Pindaya. Pindaya is one of the best tourist resorts in Shan State with a wonderful sea, thousand of old mountain peaks, verdant hills and countless lime-cave.

All about Pindaya

The Pindaya Township is in the Taunggyi District in Shan State in Burma. It' s famous for its stunning lime stone caverns, which have become a favourite destination for excursions in recent years. Here, in these caverns, you can find Buddha woodcarvings carved by followers everywhere. The town of Pindaya is 45 km from Kalaw.

From Kalaw to Pindaya there are many nice landscapes to discover. This latter is known for its lime caverns, temple, Danu Village and pagoda. Pindaya is 490 ft long and is said to have been in existence for the last 200 million years at 5,000m.

The sculptures, woodcarvings and canvases in these caverns are all by Lord Buddha and were handmade by his worshipers. A labyrinth inside the cavern is at its highest point and is mostly used by the visitor to take snaps. At the foot of Pindaya Hill, a feast of pagodas is held, surrounded by giant Banyas.

Danu is one of the towns known as Hgnatpyawtaw and is a favourite traveler. The Singaung Monastery is located at the foot of Pindaya Hill, a centuries-old teak wood house with a painted picture of bamboos and Buddha. Lake Ponetaloke is another favourite Pindaya attractions. The Green Tea Restaurant is one of the few known in town.

The Green Tea Restuarant is a Pindaya based eatery that has recently launched a local overnight cafe.

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