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Maggie " Pierce, M.D. is a fictitious figure from the US TV play Grey's Anatomy, which is broadcast on the US TV channel ABC..... Shonda Rhimes produced the serial and the figure is portraited by the actor Kelly McCreary from the second to last echelon of the 10th echelon.

It' s in the ten finals this year, Maggie's biologic parent are Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) and Ellis Grey (Kate Burton), leaving their Meredith's half-sister. In the 11th installment of the 11th installment, McCreary was rearmed to a normal film. Described as "cheeky" and "talkative,"[1] Pierce focuses mainly on her university background and not on her people.

For the first time in the second to last installment of the 10th series. She graduated from grammar schools and medicine at an early age and became division manager at the age of 31. In the final of the 10th series " Hair (of the Unknown) " it turns out that Maggie's dam was Ellis Grey. During the 11th squadron, Webber fights revelations and keeps them away fromaggie.

She explained that two years earlier she had been looking for her biological mother and had to go to the courthouse to get the documents. Identified as Maggie Meredith Grey, her half-sister, she tries to connect with her. But meredith is trying to take responsibility and is struggling with her in a case. Following several fights, Maggie Meredith says that she is her half-sister.

She disbelievingly points out that she would know that her mom would be five years old because Maggie is five years younger than her. Mereedith is working with alex karev to determine if maggie is a liar or not. She recalls the times of her mother's crises at the age of five and recalls that she was in a clinic and heard a yelling infant.

A few short months later, Webber Maggie confesses that he is her dad. He pisses Maggie off. Later when he comes to apologise for not being there as a dad, Maggie rectifies him and says that he is not her dad, because she has adopted a parent she likes, and that she is just mad about his insincerity, making her look stupid and naïve for months.

and Meredith choose to have Maggie come to their home for supper to get to know her. Derek decided after Maggie said yes, it's a good notion to ask Richard, too. On the evening of the meal Madame and Richard show up, but no one responds. aggie will leave him afterwards.

aggie is developing a connection with ethan boyd, a radiation specialist. Méridith ends up in a dilemma with no one to look after her children, so that' s why Margie is offering to observe her. In the end, Richard and Margie come on good terms, after all, and Margie helps her with Meredith's children to become more integrated into her home. While commemorating her deceased boyfriend George O'Malley, Magic learns the story of Death.

Meredith leaves Seattle for a year after Derek's murder, and leaves a message for Maggie. and acknowledges that she felt left by Meredith when she started becoming a couple. Finally Meredith goes home, hugs Maggie and integrates herself back into her old house. Whilst Maggie and her co-workers are working with Keith Gardner after a tunnelling breakdown, Maggie gets a call that her divorced parent is getting a part.

but she doesn't want to disturb her people. Later she entrusts the subject to her husband, but she thinks it's stupid compared to her husband's deaths. However, Méridith says she can tell her anything and she should come to her if she has a situation.

When meredith has bought back her home from alex, she asks maggie and amelia shepherd to move in with her. They' re helping Meredith look after her children. She also often acts as an intermediary between Meredith and Amelia, who often argue about little things. Maggie developed a rapport with Andrew DeLuca in the 12th series.

She and DeLuca keep their relationships personal to prevent problems at work. DeLuca' s disappointed about her privacy, so suddenly Magic chooses to go to the stock exchange. aggie tries to go on and gets interested in nathan riggs. She doesn't know meredith has a romantic connection to him. She' entrusted Meredith with her emotions at Amelia's marriage to Owen Hunt.

On the 13th episode, Maggie is injured when she finds out Meredith lied to her about Alex's attacks on DeLuca. but Meredith is still hiding her connection to Riggs. Meredith says she has to find Maggie and Maggie the guts to ask Riggs out, but Meredith asked him to say no.

Prior to succumbing to her disease, Diane encouraged Maggie to lead a more fulfilling and fulfilling outside of her job. And Jackson's there for Maggie when she's grieving, and they're getting close. Only when Jackson's ex-wife April Kepner points out her attachment, Jackson and Maggie recognize their sentiments.

During the 14th squadron Maggie and Jackson first try to put their emotions to rest, but Jackson chooses to follow them. They just said that the characters could return to the 11th squadron a little; they didn't tell me it was Meredith's sis and there was long-term capability.

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