Pictures of Yangon Myanmar

Images of Yangon Myanmar

Get the perfect pictures of Yangon Myanmar. Pictures and holiday photos for Yangon / Rangoon (Burma/Myanmar Burma/Myanmar) Have a look at the pictures of the Scott Hostel in Yangon. in the Myanmar Times. voir plus - Yangon's early birds. View colourful summer photos of Hungary's beloved'sea'.

Myanmar, with its centuries-old pagodas, rustic rural landscapes and hospitable locals, is a mysterious attraction for travellers who love the exotic.

Colorful Yangon in Myanmar (Burma)

For a long period of the year, the reader will remember that I went to Burma in early 2010 and was thrilled by the ruggedness and ruggedness of the Myanmar tribe and the mountain and paddy patch. The first thoughts I had about Burma were confused, but overpowering. After I had exceeded my visas by a few extra week, I could go to the area of Kachin for the Kachin State Fair and far southwards to the Mon State to see the Golden Rock and the beautiful town of Hpa-An.

Although the name Yangon means "end of the conflict", the town has seen its part in it over the years. It was invaded in 1755, then taken during the First Anglo-Burmese Wars (1824), brought back to Burma after the Wars and in 1841 depleted by fire. After the Second World Peace, Yangon's huge Yangon railway network fell significantly (especially in the 1960s) and the town was struck by Cyclone Nargis in 2008.

Today's Yangon, a crossroads of ethnic groups, food and colorful dilapidated structures, is a wonderful place to explore. In spite of its greatness I saw only a few visitors and even less nonchalantly Burmese: the walk on the road unavoidably resulted in a row of smiling, waving and a serious amount of gazing. With Burma's isolated population it was understandable that they were thirsting for interactions.

That was the one in front of my youth Hostel on my first morning: When I left Yangon, I returned to the former capitol when my Burma was over. First thing I noticed were the building, which gradually lost the battle against the items, but unbelievably graceful in its decay:

A lot of yellow and green in the small alleys in front of the Sule Pagoda. Favorite building in the center of Yangon: (The fact that there are a lot of cheaper stands in front of these houses did not affect my choice at all). Mumbai Burma Press Building. High-contrast colors on the roads of Yangon.

Yangon is not without the 2,500-year-old stately Shwedagon Pagoda, which appears above the city centre. Decorated with a vertiginous amount of real bullion, the cedis that make up Shwedagon are still an important place of cult for the Myanmari. Arriving later in the evening, I spent long periods of time sitting there as the floodwaters of the Myanmar tribe came through to show their respect and enjoy the sunset behind the coughe.

A few of the many couples in Shwedagon. Birds on a cedi in the Shwedagon Pagoda. Sunset and shade at Shwedagon. Yangon, of course, was not all temple and building. A further part of what made Myanmar visual so intriguing was the contrasts between the friars and monastics, one of which was scarlet, the other brilliant rose and orange:

Abbeys strolling in the center of Yangon. Sisters in the street of Yangon. That was my last painting from Yangon and a sequence that stays in my head: This is a small extract from the complete kit; my next article will show the wonderful Mingalar supermarket just outside the city.

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