Pictures of Rangoon Burma

Images of Rangoon Burma

Pictures of Rangoon Burma, Chinatown, Philadelphia. Yangon Burma Pictures, Rangoon Burma Photos. Pictures and holiday photos for Yangon / Rangoon (Burma/Myanmar Burma/Myanmar) Pictures of Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Discover Myanmar Travel, Burma Myanmar and more!

Canadian Yangon (Rangoon) & Bagan, Myanmar (Burma): Gravelly, golden lands

Prior to going to Myanmar, better known as Burma, last year, my understanding of the military-ruled land came to Seinfeld with the kind permission of J. Peterman. Directly after we landed in Yangon (Rangoon) our first leader came to take us to Shwedagon Paya, the most popular pit stop in Myanmar. You are right that I keep moving between Myanmar and Burma.

Burma is the legal name that was officially renamed by the army in 1989, but many were unhappy about it.

Next we drove to the Sule Pagoda, which is in the center of Yangon. Shwedagon Paya is 2500 years old. One of Yangon's grocery stores. Then we went to some other Yangon couples, and then we had dinner! We have our first dinner in Burma, pasta on the street in Yangon.

Yangon's bustling, crowded roads. It is more prestigious for the town than the shining golden rams. Burma's towns, the daily life of its population, are gravelly, and so much cash (so much) goes to embellishing the places of the couples, which are covered in golden leaves, while most humans are living in destitution.

Shwedagon Paya can be seen in the back. But nothing could have prepared us for our second stop on our trip - one of the most wonderful places in the whole wide globe, Bagan, Burma. That'?s Bagan, Burma. It' s breathtaking, with huge meadows dotted with thousand of old reddish brickwork pavilions.

It is an incredibly unique place. In Bagan, the most important thing is to see some of the nice brickwork panoramas shown above. I will not share many images of the inside and the Buddhas - it is perhaps a Sacrilege.

At the end of the first morning I begged never to see another pitot in my Iife. When you go to Burma, you MUST go to Bagan, and you MUST take a hot-air ballooning trip with Balloons Over Bagan, a firm run by an Englishman called Lee.

It was the most unbelievable event, and you won't find a better one! That'?s the main purpose of my trip back to Burma. I' ll be sharing a shitload of pictures with you, because I can't live up to this one.

All over Burma, the market was unbelievable, too. We saw various kinds of products, walnuts and even beans in Bagan for sal. Most importantly, they are selling to the tourist are the Longyi, the kind of clothes most of us are wearing (like kilt or sarong). We' had good dinner in Bagan, too.

They are the typical burmesian end-of-meal (can't really be called dessert!) cakes. Well, I know some folks like it, but yeah. It is a comfortable starting point for a visit to Mount Popa, a wonderful volcanic (inactive, I hope) with a convent on it. It' a few hour driving from Bagan, and then a really long ascent to the top.

There are small memorial tablets at the top that remind us of all the donators of the cloakroom. Just think of my joy when I saw one for Burma Super Star, the big Myanmar food place in San Francisco!

Bagan was an unbelievable overall event. Overnight in a bungalow at the Kumudara Park which, as far as I can recall, was the best in all of Burma.

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