Pictures of Myanmar Burma

Images of Myanmar Burma

Burmese photographs for sale, including images of Myanmar's population, industry, Buddhist monuments and amazing landscapes. Breathtaking free images of Myanmar Burma to download. 17 Iconic images of Myanmar (and where/how to catch them) In Mandalay it goes without saying that most travellers rent a vehicle and a chauffeur for the whole afternoon and drive to Amarapura, one of the three old towns on the edge of the town.

There you will find a dug-out dinghy that will take you back across the lakes. All boaters seem to know the borer and will oscillate far so that you can get an idea of the length of the viaduct, and then enjoy hanging around on the waters until you get the required candlelight.

Sailing on the west side of the lagoon is less expensive than on the east side (even on a one-sided return trip), so don't put yourself under pressure to organize with the guide who will always come close to your vehicle on your first arrival in Amarapura.

Mahar Gandar Yone Monastery is the second biggest monastery in the land - and it really is a tranquil, holy and unique place.

When you take pictures of a specific person, you are offering them to show the picture on your cam.

If the Mandalay trains leave on the dot, cross the Viadukt just before lunch. Look out first, because the platoon is winding down the hillside and the platform is swirling from different perspectives. The facts and numbers about the area are constantly being tossed around - 10,000 shrines, palagodas and convents; remains of over 2,200 worship sites - but it is actually quite hard to get an idea and thus an estimation of the real extent of the apparently infinite temples that stretches far across the levels of the plane of the pancake and includes three different cities.

In Myanmar Bagan is one of the dryest places, so fortunately the bad wheather didn't ruin our pictures like in Mandalay. I' d never go around taking random pictures of youngsters and I still don't really like the pictures of youngsters I took, but I like this picture that was taken in Mandalay.

The first time we met Inle Lakes was a time of sheer frenzy. I was too tired to take pictures, so I packed up my cam until the next night when we rented a skiff and a rider for the mornings.

We had the first man at our side who was a legitimate fisher - an genuine fisher of Lake Inle. When we saw him coming in the far, galloping boot by boot next to his kayak, as he made a mechanical repetition of the artistic balance on one foot. Somewhat strangely, yes, but was the practiced theatre of this meeting really disturbing or distracting me from the fascination of this meeting back then?

but if your ship is taking the normal touristic route across the sea, it will be hard to miss.

It is almost more attractive than the convent itself.

Myanmar coronation and the country's holiest Buddhist site, Shwedagon Lagoon, is growing out of the overcrowded, dust laden city of Yangon like a gold-plated eater.

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