Phy ti Oo

Yangtze River

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The Myanmar Motion Picture Organisation last weekend received a motion picture law loosening bill to relax the law on film and video production in Myanmar. On 16 November, the event was hosted by some 80 professionals, among them film-makers, screenwriters, writers, producers as well as film-makers.

Present were Maung Maung Myint, Ei Ei Ei Ei Khine, Mike Tee, Wine, Kyaw Zaw Linn and Kyi Phy Shin, Nay Toe, Pyay Ti Oo, Khant Si Thu, Myint Myat, Zin Wine and Nay Min as well as Lucky Seven and Man Htet Chi. Zin Wine was reading on the occasion of a five-page amendment to the provisions of the Video Censorship Council.

"We are not calling for the abolition of all video censorship authority regulations, but for some limitations to be relaxed," Zin Wine said. In the eighties, the suggestion pointed out that the executive committee was made up of a few members, all from the film business, but since then it has turned into a committee of 16 persons, most from different departments that had nothing to do with film-making.

It challenged the rationale of, for example, the censorship of a scene showing the drinking of alcoholic beverages in a video intended to show the risk of it. "This kind of editing leaves big loopholes in the story, so the audience can't grasp the picture, which will make them stop seeing the film," Zin Wine said, and added that if a feature is totally denied, it is a huge expense to the producers and affects the effort of the director, the actor and everyone else in the picture.

Myint Thein Pe, president of the Myanmar Motion Picture Organisation and member of the Video Association Video Association, said he was in a singular situation to listen to the voice of the public both in the movie business and on the committee of censors. In 1959 the Ministry of the Interior established the Authority for Human Rights with 21 members, with the main goal of protecting religions through the study of portrayals of minds, spectres and other psychic beings in films.

In July 1986 the rules were extended to 10 points: policy, religious beliefs, country stabilization, maintaining the country's cultural identity, maintaining morals, suppressing criminals, avoiding "cruel machinations", avoiding "sensual desires", eliminating profanity and avoiding sensible issues related to the child.

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