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Booking your flight from Phuket (HKT) to Kawthaung (KAW) with our best price guarantee. from Kawthaung to the Ranong border crossing. HI, I will visit Phuket this month, but I want to go to Myanmar for the first time...

.. I believe you're from Kawthaung? In order to reach Ranong via Phuket or Surat Thani, you have to come to us. Phuket return flight to Kawthaung, Myanmar Airfares.

Arrival to the Mergui Archipelago

On the Burmese side (formerly called Victoria Point), Kawthaung is Burma's most southern city. It is a busy little fishermen village away from the borders of Thailand and is the entrance to the Mergui Archipelago with over 800 tropic isles. Attend the souvenir shop at the village square, the Victoria Point, the King Bayint Naung statue and the Pyidawaye Pagoda on the hillside with a view over the whole city and the Pakchan River to Ranong.

Half-days sight-seeing trips around Kawthaung can be arranged on the date of your departures or arrivals on one of our island safaris. Beyond the Pakchan riverbank lies the frontier city Ranong (Ranong province in south Thailand). It is a tributary of Thailand and Myanmar and flows to Kra Buri ("Istmus of Kra"), 50 km from Chumphon, which is also the trade gateway from the north to the south of Thailand.

The province of Ranong is known for its fruitful soil, which attracts gum tree, oil and cashews tree orchards. From Yangon, Kawthaung can be accessed by all local carriers throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to ask our ticket offices for timetables and fares. You can reach Ranong by minibus from Surat Thani (3-4 hours) or Phuket (4-5 hours) or from Bangkok by taxi (8-9 hours).

We have several departures per night from Bangkok to Surat Thani and Phuket with Thai Air or Air Asia. Please consult our ticket office for timetables and details. It is possible to organize excursions around Ranong and the Koh Chang and Koh Phayam isles.

Arrival to Kawthaung | Mergui Archipelago

In Myanmar, if you are travelling on our island safari as an extra stopover for your Myanmar journey, you will need a plane from Yangon to Kawthaung. From Yangon, Kawthaung can be accessed by all local carriers throughout the year. We can arrange airfares and transfers from Kawthaung airport to the jetty.

Please do not hesitate to ask our representative for further information. From the Thai southern frontier to Myanmar you have to drive via Ranong. You have to take a cruise from here to Kawthaung. You may also request a staff pickup agency around Ranong to assist you with all entry formalities.

Getting to Ranong: There' s a frequent timetable from Bangkok's south station to Ranong. In the evenings, the VIP coach (24set) leaves for a 9-hour night drive to Ranong at 8 p.m. (8 p.m.). There is a 40er Set public service coach from Bangkok to Ranong at 8.30 pm (8.30 am).

There is also a possibility to rent a van or mini bus to take you either from the Bangkok International or your Bangkok hotels to Ranong. Pricing is quite high and the trip will also take about 9 hours. e the street. Ranong. There is also a possibility to rent a bus or bus to take you either from the Phuket/ Surat Thani International Airports or your Phuket/ Surat Thani hotels to Ranong and when you arrive at the Ranong Immigration Bureau, take the boat across the riverbank to Kawthaung, where our staff will be waiting for you.

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