Photos of Yangon Myanmar

Pictures from Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Rangoon Myanmar Burma at night. Download Bus In Yangon Myanmar images and royalty-free images from iStock. In order to provide you with the best experience, Yangon Hub uses its own and third-party cookies on its website for technical, analytical and marketing purposes. Myanmar's Parcourir les dernières photos de Myanmar is struggling with political and economic reforms in Yangon. St.

Francis Of Assisi Church, Yangon.

In Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar has experienced far-reaching changes in politics and economy in just five years, triggered by the transition from junior democracies to the dictatorial state. Myanmar's civilization, which includes eating, dress, betel biting and chin play, will remain largely the same. Irrespective of the wealthy civilization, when I go to Yangon, folks are nodding empty nods or just have a rough picture of what the state is.

My grandmother and I took my grandfather to one of my favorite places in Yangon - the Circular Trackway - hoping to close the gulf between Canada and Myanmar. Aka Circle Rail, it is the Yangon commuter-line. Constructed in the 1950', the 46km long trail begins in Yangon city centre and runs through several college campsites before winding through acres.

It' taking three and a half hour to drive the whole circuit. One early December afternoons, I bought a 200 kyat (20 cents) bus fare for a front seating spot on therain. He jumped up and the platoon began to creep. There was a young woman sitting in a temporary chair next to him to get the best outlooks.

After a few stations, two young trained convents boarded the trains and grabbed a place on the sill. Of course, the platoon has no safety belts. A few were chatting and others were scrolling through Facebook on their smart phones, as the use of mobile phones has been widespread for two years.

Predominantly, the trains are used by shuttle and HGV transporters. And the man next to me purchased a packet of betelpacks from one of them. It is similar to masticatory tabacco and its sales support tens of thousand of families throughout the state. Then the salesman blended the walnut with seasonings before winding it in lime-coated leaves.

but I didn't really want to take pictures. Aside from thoughtful clusters of fruits, vegetable, fresh meats and dry seafood, the procession paused. This circular railway will take you through the town and its surroundings and introduce you to the many passengers getting on and off the trains.

Those photos don't really do Yangon justice. No. This town, its inhabitants and its many different food and scenery mean a great deal to me.

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