Phone Price in Yangon

Telephone price in Yangon

Burma's leading mobile portal that delivers updated technology & mobile news, mobile phone reviews and updated price list for mobile phones. Homepage - Mobile; Kenbo. Our high quality iPhone and other high-end phone cases have a nationwide delivery service. He is excited but worried about the impact on the price of rice.


Buy Xiaomi Mobiles at the best prices in Myanmar

Headquartered in Beijing, China, Xiaomi is a technology behemoth. Powering the planet with the MI and Redmi smartphone ranges that have taken the planet by storm. ÿ Several Xiaomi styles will include a sophisticated accessoire such as the Redmi 4A with every game. With every order you receive a classy MI mug.

Xiaomi Redmi family. Elegant and durable telephones are our top priorities. Like the Redmi 4X, the range features a high-performance rechargeable cell that puts the telephone into stand-by mode for up to 18 working nights. The majority of MI telephones have an Octa-Core Snapdragon microprocessor with different capacities from 1 to 4 GB memory, which makes it possible for these telephones to be truly intelligent.

Telephones run seamlessly and unhindered, no matter how much they are used. Up to 18 MP rear view and 13 MP front view are fitted with a wide-angle objective for excellent portraits.

The Redmi range mobile handsets are made with an stylish look and graceful look that gives shiny reflective metallics. Made of anodised aluminium, the case is equipped with a brilliant dial cut which gives the telephone a particularly graceful look. Catalogues provide in-depth description of the uniqueness of each model and clear images of the classy design of each mobile device on sale.

Myanmar Business Today

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. has launched the Galaxy Tab A, its latest Galaxy product in its range, for Myanmar consumers. Myanmar Telenor Limited has launched a new handheld for clients, the corporation said. WCDMA/HSPA (+) chipset SC7731C and SC7731G were acquired by Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) for its Myanmar phones model MPT40 and M50, said Spreadtrum Communications, a Chinese semi-conductor group.

Myanmar's largest wireless carrier MPT has introduced two new phones to the wireless industry - the entry-level model MPT 40 and the first-class M50. Last fortnight, Meizu, the China-based cellphonemaker, made its MX6 debut in the Novotel Yangon Max. Last weekend in Myanmar, Samsung published its new Tab J phabledt (phone and tablet hybrid) aimed at users just entering the smartphone world.

The Samsung Galaxy Note, one of the most iconic mobile handsets on the mobile communications scene, has released the next release of the mobile with a 7. By partnering with Kanbawza Park, Huawei clients no longer have to spend a lot of cash on their latest telephones - they just have to have all the cash in one single checking accounts.

In order to facilitate the distinction between fake and offical Samsung phones in Myanmar, Samsung will be developing an offical brand that will be featured in the coming year. Myanmar Ooredoo and the website said companies will return next year's ³cMobile Week³d, an on-line selling experience that will see good selling in the recently completed first issue of the show.

To help Ooredoo clients make better use of their 4G service in Myanmar, the telecom operator has teamed up with Huawei to provide a Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi modem with ADSL. Myanmar Limited has launched a new calling plans focused on providing information and information to its Myanmar clients.

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