Phoe Kyar Elephant Camp

Phee Kyar Elephant Camp

Phee Kyar Elephant Camp, Bago Yoma - Picture of Mira Travels, Yangon (Rangoon) As Myanmar's bespoke tourist agency and DMC, we specialise in providing tours for young people, students, education, adventures and volunteers. We are committed to providing our clients with the best and most innovative tourism solutions that contribute to customer happiness and sustainable development. We have been assisting our clients for years to experience their individual travelling experience while having a beneficial influence on the sustainable development of the area.

One of Myanmar's forerunners of accessible travelling and education. She has received the renowned Travelife Partner Award for her sustainable development efforts in the field of sustainable development in the tourist industry and is also a member of the United Nation Global Compact.

Phee Kyar Elephant Camp Tour

Feeding and feeling beautiful elephant with Ayuda! Following morning at the Yangon hotels, transfer to Bago, 50 mile from Yangon, for about 1.5. After arriving in Bago, the home of the Second Myanmar Empire, you' ll be visiting the Bago Fair, where you will see the locals food, seasonsal fruit, dry seafood, freshwater seafood, and so on and very much alive with many commercial activity.

Despite its old capital, today it is a fashionable town and the largest after the trading town of Yangon in southern Myanmar. Visiting the Shwemawdaw Pagoda, which is larger than Shwedagon from Yangon and the highest stupa in the whole land, which is up to 2000 years old, and the holiest Buddhist sanctuary in Bingo, you will then see Shwetharlyaung Reclining Buddha, allegedly in the tenth world war.

After that you go on to Taungoo via the New High Way (about 4 hours), another capital of the Second Myanmar Dynasty. In Taungoo, you can also see the Royal Sea and the Shwesandawagoda, which is thought to have Buddha-Haar. Journey to Phoe Kyar Elephant Camp (approx. 45 minutes) after having arrived for lunch.

Take the Yangon-Mandalay Highway Rd for about half an hours to Meilenpfosten 173 and turn off to the lefthand side to continue on the tarmac to Bago Yoma Mountain Range for another 15 mile. After arriving at Phoe Kyar Elephant Camp, get a break and a cool soft refreshment from the motel, launch your elephant watching program; elephant show, elephant work show in the woods, elephant riding and the lives of elephant trainers Sin Oo Zie.

At the elephant camp you can spend the whole night enjoying the jungles. When you can skip self-pity, i.e. get up early in the mornings, you can have another Detective Ways of Elephant Search. Since the elephants cannot make a living from the camp's diet, they do not spend the night near the camp.

They go out on their own, eating, looking for nourishment and sleeping in the jungles. Early in the mornings, before daybreak, the Oo Zies or the champion, the coaches from them set out in quest of their particular cats. Many interesting tales to be heard from them and also the technique to find the elephant.

This is an important occasion not to be missed when you go to the elephant camp, it is a kind of "Merece la penn! Return to Yangon in the afternoons (. 4.5 hours). Elephant show: The game begins with the beautiful elephant running in a nail on the SquareTeak Beam.

The elephant is thought to walk most humbly and subtle of all elephants in the atmosphere of Royale Elegance. Therefore, there is no question that the Burmese King used the Great Elephants as their main means of transport and as one of the weapons of war.

Myanmar's Ministry of Forestry s estimates that around 10,000 11,000 animals stay both in the shelters and in the outdoors. We are currently organizing the elephant camp with two elephant camp, named after Phoe Kyar and two elephant camp owners as well. They are both located near the Bago Yoma mountain range, where the wood is mainly obtained with the work of Myanmar elephant.

The elephant riding tour at the elephant camp gives you the size of the royal family and the jungle feel. The elephant riding and the observation of wildlife and vegetation offers you an memorable reminder of your stay in Myanmar. To hear the tales of Sin Oo Zies or the patron saint of the elephant is really moving.

There' s a telepathic link between the elephant and his Sin Oo Zie.

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